Do We Need More Australian Music In Our Olympics Coverage?

Seven’s Olympic coverage was criticized for not including enough Australian music. It ignited something of a righteous firestorm, with fans piling on to tag not only broadcasters but also big brands they felt weren’t doing enough to easily help an industry that has been on its knees since the onset of the pandemic. What do you think LiveTribers? Do we need more Australian music in our Olympic coverage?

Posted by on 04 Aug 2021

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    Like any quandary in the overlapping, complicated and often opaque media and entertainment industries, there’s more than one answer.Our advertising landscape is littered with songs that sound a lot like big local hits but slightly different

    Posted by Gaurabani on 09 Aug 2021

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    It's not about music but sports. I am just glad we don't have all the commentators we had over the past Olympics talking and talking and we hardly saw anything live or much at all in fact. This time we are at least seeing a lot of the events on live TV.

    Posted by coaster on 05 Aug 2021

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    It’s many countries and only our anthem playing at awards time is sufficient

    Posted by Kappt on 05 Aug 2021

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    I agree with MACT, it is over hyped and not really sport. It is advertising at its best. Thaqnk goodness for other free to air and DVDs.

    Posted by Akkaydrah on 05 Aug 2021

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    Regardless of the music are the Olympics the most over costly, overrated, over hyped, overblown celebration of the look at me elite that clever marketers have ever devised!?

    Posted by mact on 04 Aug 2021

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    I agree to a certain extent. However, I fee it is only the few that are over the top. Watching the 50 metre mens runners all coming out of the tunnel one would have to think they were some sort of stage performers. I must admit I only liked the guy from the Bahamas in blue who just stood there and then walked to his spot and he won the race. He was there to do the business not the show.

    Posted by coaster on 07 Aug 2021

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    Like them or not it's supposed to be a sportsperson competing against another sportsperson. The amount of Australian music is completely irrelevant. Personally, I think the Olympic games are totally irrelevant, what will they add on next?Synchronised knitting or line dancing and call it a sport? Anything to line the Olympic Committee's pockets.

    Posted by ere on 04 Aug 2021

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    Yes I think some of the sports are crazy and they are removing some of the ones that have been in the Olympics for many many years. I suppose it has to evolve to fit with the young of today to a certain extent. I did not watch a lot but I did see some of the diving which I enjoyed.

    Posted by coaster on 07 Aug 2021

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