Do Video Games Encourage Violence?

After recent mass shootings in the US, the inevitable question about whether video games incite violent behaviour has sprung up. Some believe that video games don’t cause violence, but violent people do unspeakable things. However, there are people that think games that involve shooting desensitize people to violence and that can lead to violent behaviour. What do you think LiveTribers?

Posted by on 12 Aug 2019

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    Simple girl

    I really think that video games effects the human nature but it does not mean that every video game player will became a killer or criminal .Actually it depends upon there intellectual level and how much time they spend in playing video games. As teenagers are more likely to indulge in video games which is a matter of concern because teenage is a age of learning and mistakes so in this it is more likely to effect there behavior and also it may lead them to a violent behavior which is visible to the world with the above examples. however, it does n`t mean that we should ban it,actually people should try to not to get addicted to it they should try to strength their intellectual level so that these type of game don`t effect their thoughts and special attention must be given to the choice of video games most probably of teenagers

    Posted by Simple girl on 12 Oct 2019

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    Purple Survey Seeker

    What makes someone think that video games are realistic and they can go around hurting other people the same with no consequences? That seems like there's a bit more going on in that brain of theirs than just being influenced by video games.

    Posted by Purple Survey Seeker on 27 Sep 2019

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    Psychopathically disturbed people can be influenced by any medium. Just because someone spends a lot of time alone does not mean they will kill people. Someone who plays video games, reads crime fiction, watches horror movies all the time does not mean they will massacre people. Broken and week people do not always kill. Angry people do not always kill but the likelihood of an abused, tortured, emotionally ridiculed and dysfunctional individual who has been let down by everyone around them has a higher offending rate. These people feel hatred to a world that has been incredibly painful and hateful to them. The easy access to guns make a snap decision into an easy decision to kill. They are irrational in that moment and a gun is a solution to the problem. If there were no access to guns the irrational moment more than likely would blow over, if not, they will find another way to achieve the eradication of their perceived pain.

    Posted by BerryBear on 12 Sep 2019

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    Yes it can, where the damage is done is by social disconnection long hours of gaming by ones self or with so called online friends that you never meet well into the early hours, a bit like imaginary friends. In the morning they arrive at breakfast like zombies only to take breaky to the gaming room, at school they can’t leave their phones alone more games. After school it starts all over again b4 you know it,there’s an addiction to gaming. If there was any influence from which behaviour followed it was from the Fast & Furious franchise when they got their first cars despite better advice they still got Nissan skylines .... oh by the way I am bald.

    Posted by Michael on 11 Sep 2019

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    Writer Steven

    There is no peer-reviewed, formal scientific backing for arguments of desensitisation due to video games. There is, however, a correlation between desensitisation and TV news. But whether correlation equals causation, no-one has been able to work it out. Don't forget, when chess was introduced to Europe, it was declared that it made people lazy and stupid, that it stopped them thinking, and that it promoted war. When rock'n'roll broke big, it was claimed that the world would break down and there would be no such thing as a "family unit" any longer. Instead of looking at blaming outside factors, how about we look at helping those with mental illness, how about we stop stigmatising and start listening to people, and how about we look at what has been the cause of most deaths in the world - belief systems. Be they based on religion, racism or something else - beliefs cause more violence than anything else.

    Posted by Writer Steven on 23 Aug 2019

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    Yes and so does tv, cartoons and watching the news Too late to do anything about programming Perhaps try to introduce more constructive content

    Posted by Graeme on 22 Aug 2019

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    I believe the younger set are becoming desensitised when it come to death, killing and or danger and most of this as a result of the graphics of many online games and movies. A lot of fear factor and respect for others seems to have become very blurred, from what is real and not.

    Posted by Beverly on 19 Aug 2019

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    I think video games de sensitize people to violence. I dont believe games make people violent however. If anything following politics has a much higher chance of making people violent.

    Posted by Bobby on 19 Aug 2019

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    Actually yes I do if somebody's mind is not all there and they watch there's they think that things are true so yes I do think that too in some cases that is rright They also might be on drugs and this would not help either

    Posted by jaine on 19 Aug 2019

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    Yes, i believe it does.

    Posted by Rebecca on 19 Aug 2019

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    computer games emerse you into an alternative reality where you can do things that you normally wouldnt do. Its like reading a stephen king novel. You get emersed into the story but you dont kill people because of it.

    Posted by Adrian on 18 Aug 2019

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    definitely. still up to the individual to carry it out though.

    Posted by hardbags on 18 Aug 2019

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    Tania depends on the individual

    Posted by Tania on 18 Aug 2019

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    Yes of course they do you put crap in you get crap out

    Posted by Cameron on 18 Aug 2019

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    I think of a person has issues in the first place or is too young to play the game then sometimes this is true but to an adult completely aware that how you act in games is different to how you act in your day to day life it's harmless. I'm an adult that plays violent video games but I'm not a violent person at all after playing these games since my teenage years. Sometimes games can act as therapy.

    Posted by mellissajoy on 18 Aug 2019

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    Yes to far too many due to lack of involvement in family

    Posted by ROLANDE on 18 Aug 2019

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    To the poorly educated - yes

    Posted by David on 18 Aug 2019

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    Yes they do promote violence by brainwashing the user's into thinking that violence is the norm

    Posted by Farmersol on 18 Aug 2019

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    This question is a typical substitute problem of modern politics - creating chimeras where there are none instead of attending to real and acute pains. Video games is a pacifier - an intellectual wank. Nothing real. As much as wanking makes babies so much video games make violence. People are violent beasts from nature and many crave for war. It isn't about video games.

    Posted by Karel on 18 Aug 2019

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    An interesting point which I want to share without stating any judgenebt. People watch violent action/disaster movies. Often, that causes adrenalin release. Video gamers actually get to use that adrenalin in participating in the game through console/control device, and screen. Which is worse/better?

    Posted by XPro78 on 18 Aug 2019

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    It’s just a way to pass blame

    Posted by Itwasmydog on 17 Aug 2019

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    No it doesn’t. That’s just a myth for people looking for someone to blame. Did the bugs bunny cartoons cause it as well?

    Posted by dreawelsh on 17 Aug 2019

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    Of course they do, have you seen a popular video game that does not kill someone or something

    Posted by lordofthekitchen on 17 Aug 2019

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    People like to emulate their 'heros' in tv shows, movies and the like. I remember being subjected to exteme violence in school by other kids wanting to emulate their movie heros. I've seen adults here in Australia take video games to such extreme levels of wanting to be the best that they have resorted to violence towards other family members for not doing their best at being their sidekick. On once occasion a young girl was beaten by her stepfather for not performing well enough during a game of PUBG. He did not like that his rating was affected and beat her so badly for it that she came to me, crying hysterically and I had to call the police, have her taken to hospital for care and have him taken into custody. Yes, video games can and do promote violence, BUT, what is even more important is the fact that these people who tend to be violent due to video games usually have a pre-existing mental health problem which is exacerbated by the games themselves. Healthy minded people see them as what they are, just a game, win or lose, it's just fun. But in the hands of others it's more real than just a game. This is food for thought which is usually very much overlooked by those who only see others as themselves.

    Posted by Nesbere on 17 Aug 2019

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    It's just a cop out like many other things. Examine the reason the person was having violent thoughts in the first place. I HIGHLY doubt it's because of a video game of all things. Sometimes people dwell too much about the negative aspects of society. I would imagine we've all been there but the difference is knowing when and how to pull ourselves out of that line of thinking. I play some games which involve violent scenes and it's had no more effect on my anger or mood than things out in the real world.

    Posted by 8181 on 17 Aug 2019

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    Romans, Hitler, and all pre video games mass murders didn't have video games, apart from insanity what do you blame for them? I've played video games including Battle Field 4 etc and I don't think about arming up and killing people.

    Posted by Richard on 17 Aug 2019

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    damn good point you have made.

    Posted by vero on 18 Aug 2019

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    It is of my opinion that there is no rational nor logical relation here for the people that carry out these tragic and fatal crimes are neither rational nor logical in their premeditated acts of total destruction regardless of life indiscriminately. This evil darkness is progressive and effective to cause division and so heart breaking.Everyone has someone to answer to though a Tool used initially is division in perhaps being a console operator. Where are the Elders and Overseers of such abnormalities ? I say increase the requirements to obtain a firearm licence inclusive to America's psychological profiling.

    Posted by Michael on 17 Aug 2019

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    Yes they do ... obviously it does affect some people more so than others. It is promoting violence after all!!

    Posted by Cathy on 17 Aug 2019

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    I do believe that these games do promote these types of abnormal and psychology behaviour, but come on let's be honest. It ain't the games we play. It's what's been played on our very own television. The movie industry, the music industry. You listen to the lyrics to some of these new groups that have come out. Promoting sex, drugs, guns, you name it the list just goes on. And the music industry is extremely the same situation.

    Posted by Dean on 16 Aug 2019

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    Posted by Meggz74 on 16 Aug 2019

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    I don’t think it encourages violence. But I do think as the father or 4teenage boys,it certainly desensitises them. People are going to do what they set their minds to do. Violence has been around a lot longer than video games.

    Posted by Robert on 16 Aug 2019

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    Oh there is no dout its in almost all games kids games

    Posted by Stargirl on 16 Aug 2019

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    Maybe so. I think people must know their actions be accountable get help no excuses!!

    Posted by Vicki on 16 Aug 2019

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    I say thay should Ask for I'd first.?if its r.rated Then yes game do send people if its r rated will yes I'd comes first.. If no I'd no service. Thanks bye come again?

    Posted by David on 16 Aug 2019

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    some have caused murders over the years maybe they should be censored before being able to be released

    Posted by Paul on 15 Aug 2019

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    They promote desensitisation and also the input of new 'ideas' as to how to undertake such behaviour in 'real' life.

    Posted by Alison on 15 Aug 2019

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    Yes I’m sure video games encourage violence. There’s some dreadful games kids are watching and get hooked on, and they get obsessed with them that they can’t work out what’s real and what’s not!

    Posted by Debra on 15 Aug 2019

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    Trang Thu

    People behavior good or bad so we cant say cause of video games Thats no evidence for links with video games

    Posted by Trang Thu on 15 Aug 2019

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    No. Peoples nature encourages violence.

    Posted by Ralph on 15 Aug 2019

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    I think there certainly is a connection , however am not sufficiently educated in this area to know for sure . however there appears to be a connection between the two subjects and sadly I have observed young boys / men spending an excessive amount of time playing these online violent games , to me it does not appear healthy , locked in a dark room for hours on end on an electronic device which they have to be almost physically separated from . I do not understand this mentality at all .

    Posted by Horn on 15 Aug 2019

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    medusa 12

    I also believe that they get a lot of frustration and stress builds up when they loose and makes them think they r a failure

    Posted by medusa 12 on 14 Aug 2019

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    medusa 12

    Hues I think video games encourage children to become gamblers when they get older

    Posted by medusa 12 on 14 Aug 2019

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    no they just encourage it

    Posted by hardbags on 14 Aug 2019

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    Yes I think they do. They put ideas in young people's heads and then reinforce those ideas as normal even if they are antisocial. They also reduce feelings of empathy and humanity. The result is young people living out a game.

    Posted by Jennifer on 14 Aug 2019

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    May or may not but certainly does not promote peaceful caring living.

    Posted by Geoff on 14 Aug 2019

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    In part but I think it’s more the desensitisation of compassion, anger and empathy. Especially with violent games played in teams with friends or strangers. Opens another space for grooming and validation of anti social behaviour.

    Posted by Haylie on 14 Aug 2019

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    There should be less violence in the world full stop! Any move to encourage non-violent behaviour is most welcome, but infringing on other's freedom of choice is quite another issue. There's really no link between such games & mass shootings. To equate the two you'd have to fall for mass media lies about 'lone wolves' & other rubbish to distract you from proper investigative journalism which nobody seems to bother with these days. No; every single one of those US mass shootings involved the gun-man being paid & trained & armed by certain top 1%'rs to effect a government policy change or legislation being rammed through unopposed to re-gain control of the people & governments through fear & over-policing & taking away our rights + liberties.

    Posted by vegandelight on 14 Aug 2019

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    I believe some games do encourage violence like Fortnite and if you play them everyday and have no social life, this could probably effect you, it started to change my partners nephew he started to socialise less with his friends and got more violent. I hope he's not playing it now and spending more time with his friends socially. I also believe the madness and anger in the world comes from leaders like Donald Trump who says and does anything all the time spreading his hatred wherever he goes. Unfortunately he is coming to Australia next month and I among others do not want him here spreading hatred etc just like El Paso didn't want him there. I also believe they should have strong gun laws in the USA.

    Posted by wendles on 14 Aug 2019

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    I believe that violent video games can create violence

    Posted by diana on 14 Aug 2019

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    Sugar Ray

    YES! And the violence has gotten far worse since video games came in. My partner started playing video game when they came in and he became more violent towards me as the levels of the games got more violent over time. The violence/abuse I had to endure was not only physical but mental, financial and when I would not allow him to buy the latest version he would steal money from me.

    Posted by Sugar Ray on 14 Aug 2019

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    Nope. There was violence before video games.

    Posted by spazmanaught on 14 Aug 2019

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    No. Trump has to make up any excuse to stop people seeing his attitudes are the main incentive to violence in US. I don't play these silly games and never have -- they are so boring. Perhaps there is a problem with the few gamers who can't work out what is reality and what is fiction. Religious extremists, hyper-nationalism, white supremacists and stupidity are other causes. Films are just as violent as video games and a lot more realistic.

    Posted by algemyone on 14 Aug 2019

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    old mate up the street

    No they do not encourage violence it's just a form of entertainment. I don't play video games and all of a sudden I want to take a cartel down in real life while doing the "floss" . I see more violence on the news but nobody complains about that. People should be more concerned with video games encouraging gambling through the use of lootboxes that's the real evil .

    Posted by old mate up the street on 14 Aug 2019

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    Probably. Although I have no interest in video games there is a perception of violence and it isn't an area that I would comfortable with.

    Posted by Barry on 14 Aug 2019

  • [2] [0]

    No. Video games are not the problem. It is amazing that that's the first entertainment area politicians go for, why are the not attacking movies, tv or music (Not just heavy metal but rap). It's because of the lack of knowledge and how out of touch they are about the value of the games industry is to the various countries involved. Basically a "don't p off hollywood" mentality.

    Posted by 2Daffy on 14 Aug 2019

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    No. Roughly more then half a billion of people play computer games for at least an hour a day so there is a large sum of people that play. There is no link between violence and video games and in personal experience in Australia, millions of people play video games and there is very minimal violence.

    Posted by Peter on 14 Aug 2019

  • [1] [0]

    No. Statistically Japan plays more violent (and non violent) video games than any other country in the world. They are also the least violent country. So that essentially nullifies that silly argument. It has much more to do with the American culture of solving their problems through violence. They’re all about owning guns, self protection through guns, and the whole stupid “only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” mentality. That coupled with men’s sense of entitlement, to react with violence towards those they perceive as a threat, or those who don’t obey. You’ve got a recipe for disaster. Lots of women/ girls play violent video games. You don’t see them going on mass shooting sprees against minority groups or people in general.

    Posted by Shireen on 13 Aug 2019

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    Just look at the %'s mental health plays it's part along with the contributions of life - people have different upbringings and experiences that relay through their mental perceptions - gamers don't go round killing people because of what play on a game - why should good people be penalised for the actions of a minority that have problems - processing the signs of mental illness should be at the frontline of defence - community welfare seems to fail in today's age though - as "the system" gets in the way of public safety - it's hard to pinpoint where it's ok to step in.. it's harder to tell someone they won't see their child or parent again after a shooting takes place..

    Posted by intrepidarts on 13 Aug 2019

  • [1] [1]

    To many guns in the US they shouldn't have never put weapons in there bill of rights (you reap what you sow)

    Posted by Darryl on 13 Aug 2019

  • [1] [1]

    No not at all for australia but the usa yes ..the US is just a gun crazy country and i dont have any intention of ever visiting the USA cause of the stupid out dated gun laws..

    Posted by Nicholas on 13 Aug 2019

  • [1] [0]

    I think it depends 9on the individual playing the game.

    Posted by Kevin on 13 Aug 2019

  • [0] [2]

    I think it is a mix of games and behaviour which disconnects some players from society and not being able to experience a full range of emotions and experiences. Being young and awkward socially when you are young is awful but it is the experience we need to have to become proficient at interactions with other people. Isolation and violent games just aren't a good mix for some.

    Posted by Toni on 13 Aug 2019

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    Dilon rosa

    never I've been playing games for ages and live peacefully also my mates.

    Posted by Dilon rosa on 13 Aug 2019

  • [2] [1]

    Yes , but most gamers will say no because they dont make any violence to others

    Posted by lal on 13 Aug 2019

  • [1] [2]


    Posted by MARTY on 13 Aug 2019

  • [1] [1]

    In some cases yes, seems to effect those who play seriously rather than fun, though I do not see the fun in it. I think we have more violence in the world in the communities than ever before and playing violent games crosses the line and makes people less caring and less sympathetic. So glad my son was never interested in them and frankly he does not see the point in playing them.

    Posted by musicveg on 12 Aug 2019

  • [2] [2]

    Yes I believe video game cause violence. And makes your kids think it is all right to do stuff to people that will hert a lot of people. And take know response ability For it. I say ban all violence videos.

    Posted by Chrysler on 12 Aug 2019

  • [2] [2]

    I think in some cases it is they play it that much they loose the fact that they are playing a game to making it reality

    Posted by Kelly on 12 Aug 2019

  • [3] [3]

    Definitely especially in younger population.

    Posted by Maudie on 12 Aug 2019

  • [1] [2]
    Trang Thu

    I think some videos may affected some young kids now a day. So we need to pay attention what they watching .Hope they will understand what is good and what is bad guide by Parents

    Posted by Trang Thu on 12 Aug 2019

  • [1] [1]

    Yes some do it deep ds on the mindset and maturity of the person gaming

    Posted by Helen on 12 Aug 2019

  • [2] [1]

    Anything that chide can see others doing think it's okay if they do too.

    Posted by Frank on 12 Aug 2019

  • [3] [1]

    I play violent games EVERYDAY, i am not violent. These people doing violent things are just looking for excuses. THEY ARE SIMPLY VIOLENT PEOPLE looking for any excuse whatever excuse they find, oh yeah i listen to heavy metal music like slayer, i don't think like them i just like the music!

    Posted by Szakes45 on 12 Aug 2019

  • [2] [1]

    Hi i missed a bit.i think it's way to easy to get a gun in the United states u know u can go down to the corner store in the u.s.and buy your milk and bread and in the same store you can get a gun that's just mind blogging like w.t.f.i know they have the right to bare arm's but come on how many more people have to die before they do something about it.30 people got shot and died.wake up to yourself donald trump your a say one thing backing up the right to have gun's and then the next day your saying we have to do something about it.doubble dutch trump.the only thing that will help is gun control it's that glad i live in Australia seriously trump needs to take a leaf out Australia's book.

    Posted by Stafsta on 12 Aug 2019

  • [1] [1]

    Yes i believe that it does.not all games.but the highly violent one's UFC fighting one for sure.i remember watching videos when i was a teenager like boxing ones and fighting one's and after it finished we'd emulate what they did thinking we were kick boxer's and boxer's and the rest.and for days after that.but in saying didn't make me want to go kill someone and our parents would stop us if we went to far so i think it's up to the parents to keep an eye out to see if there kid's are changing in any way.its a hard topic but that's my view and opinion and everyone is entitled to there opinion. thanks Stafford.

    Posted by Stafsta on 12 Aug 2019

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