Do Aussies Have a Problem with Alcohol?

At least 1 in 4 Australians over the age of 14 drinks a risky amount of alcohol at least one a month. Does that surprise you LiveTribers? In 2010, it was estimated that Australians consume on average 12.2 litres of alcohol per year. It would be tough to find a social event or party in Australia that doesn’t have some sort of alcohol available but, is that a problem? Is the average Aussie an alcoholic? Do you think drinking is a part of our culture?

Posted by on 17 Aug 2020

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    Yes bunch of piss heads, I gave up alcohol 20 years ago , best thing I ever did, I have good health and sharp mind, and best of all a healthy liver and I don't have to feel like I need to be someone else. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug on the planet with long term effects and inciting so much violence and causes car crashes, the list goes on. It is basically a poison to the body (and brain), I avoid it at all cost now, seen too many lives destroyed.

    Posted by musicveg on 24 Aug 2020

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    A lot of Aussies have problems with alcohol, especially younger persons who don't realise that their brains take about 25 years to develop.

    Posted by cazzle on 22 Aug 2020

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    Yes Aussies do have an issue with alcohol. Having worked in this arena. It was mind boggling to see how often we had to put a stop to more drinks. The agression the picks with men ordering single shots but trying to buy triples for their female companions. As if that was going to happen on my watch. Young people load up big time to save money then go out already tanked. One of my staff died from alcoholic overkill he was 21. What a waste. The glorified and sordid side of working in an alcohol and gambling environment. Young sailors coming into gambling places getting done and dusted. I used to leave places of interest lists on the bar as an alternative to getting drunk and broke. Duty of care was a priority in my bar, proud to say. Once a mother always a mother. I especially enjoyed the orders of opal nera as if we didnt know the the alcoholic content. Nothing got by this OLD duck. In fact 3 months after i sent one young yank sailor back to ship to place his winnings in the safe.. i got a message from his mother thanking me for taking care of her boy. So bar peeps take good care and protect.

    Posted by Jillian on 19 Aug 2020

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    I know as a teacher that children see and accept drinking as the norm. When do drugs and alcohol children tell us that dad drinks beer mum and nanna drinks wine. Because it is socially acceptable in todays society it is a yes that it is on the increase.

    Posted by Sharon on 19 Aug 2020

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    Will always be a problem, the prevention should start with kids, give them something better to do and show them the bad side of drinking

    Posted by Mungril on 19 Aug 2020

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    At least one in four have problem because of Alcohol.. They are aware of this but still continue this behaviour and their family suffer and their health suffer !!

    Posted by Rani on 19 Aug 2020

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    I don't think the average Australian is an alcoholic in the strictest sense of the word. But it is true that drinking is part of the Australian culture.

    Posted by Ayibaku on 19 Aug 2020

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    The problem with alcohol is it's advertised everywhere , it's hard to hide from , on billboards , tv , internet , newspapers , sporting venues , sporting jerseys and wherever one goes whether it be a theatre , fete , ag. shows , cinemas . I don't think that all the " In your face " advertising is affecting our drinking habits , but changing our drinking preferences eg. Bourbon&Coke is replaced by Bundy&Coke , Summer wine/coolers to premixed spirits , which is higher in alcohol . I don't blame the producers as they try to appease the market as each generation evolves . As far as raising taxes , i don't believe many people are aware of the taxes placed on alcohol , apart from duties , tariffs , there is WET tax ie. Wine Equalisation Tax , which replaces the old sales tax . I have read that alcohol consumption has declined in the last few years . But on the other hand depression has increased and a supposedly quick fix is to drink ! I think most people are responsible drinkers and it's unaustralian to go to a dry barbie . And anyone that is concerned about their drinking or the amount consumed ,you must look at why ? What are you trying to hide or run away from , once this is established talk to a psychologist , i did , because i went through a nervous breakdown and depression and my saviour was alcohol or so i thought . It ain't . You see i am an alcoholic and have liver cirrhosis and unless i get a transplant in the next couple of years , i'll be gone ! THINK

    Posted by robert on 19 Aug 2020

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    i will pray for you robert

    Posted by flyhigher on 30 Aug 2020

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    Australians have a drinking culture. Most of young generation have a problem with alcohol.This problem will increase during this Corona Virus pandemic as people have lots of free time in their hand. Sales volume and Sales dollars for Alcohol retailers have gone up confirming during the pandemic alcohol consumption have risen.During the other side of Pandemic people will have 4 outcomes, 1 Will come out as Hunk or good looking 2 Come out as drunk 3 To come out as a monk 4 Chunk eating all takeaway food. It looks like we come out as drunk

    Posted by Ravindra on 18 Aug 2020

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    Many Aussies might be alcohol dependant. We are a nation of steady drinkers. It has been part of our Anglo/ Celtic culture but slowly we are reducing our overall intake. Like smoking, Alcohol sales , advertising and production need more commonsense laws and an ongoing harm reduction and education campaign.....paid for by the manufacturers. We can't go down the prohibition track can't stop humans from making alcohol out of most fruits and or vegetables....we've been doing it for thousands of years!!

    Posted by mact on 17 Aug 2020

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    Yes, we do have a problem! A perfect example. :- I was at a function recently & asked a young woman if she would care to dance? Her reply:- She would love to, but couldn't possibly until she'd had a few drinks. it would seem as Australians we have a problem functioning socially unless we have a few drinks.

    Posted by Graham on 17 Aug 2020

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    No, drinking does not make you an alcoholic. It is a disease and only a percentage would be diagnosed as one. Do Aussies drink too much - Maybe some do but I think this can be said for UK, USA, and other European countries as well. I only know a few people who over indulge but mostly those I know might have one when they eat out at a restaurant etc. Not daily. Of course at social events you will find alcohol unless you have a cultural reason not to. I also think the drink don't drive ads have helped a huge amount to stop people drink driving but you still get the fools who do but I think now the problem would be more drug driving and sometimes both together. As for being part of our culture, possibly as we are a social bunch. Moderation is fine and most people I think stick by that moto.

    Posted by coaster on 17 Aug 2020

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    I do think it's part of our culture. We like to be outdoors having bbq. The weather is warm

    Posted by Elizabeth on 17 Aug 2020

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    Now the wowsers have selected alcohol as the next thing to try to stop usenjoying. Compared to many countries Australians don't drink that much and there is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation. Of course there will always be problem drinkers but one wowser proposal is to increase taxes on alcohol which only forces people to drink lower/cheaper drinks. A few drinks with a meal or BBQ is one of the few things we have left to us to relax and enjoy life with family and friends.

    Posted by ere on 17 Aug 2020

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    Have to agree with you. Minorities have such a loud voice on what the rest of us should be doing. There is a problem with some people drinking too much I agree with that but I feel drugs are much more of a problem these days. The answer always seems to be raise the cost/taxes and this will stop them. Might have worked a bit with legal smoking but with alcohol I doubt it will have any affect as they will just go without something else as many smokers do and this is more detrimental to their families. Moderation is fine and I am sure most people in the rule making business enjoy a nice glass of wine on the taxpayers which is something most of us cannot afford.

    Posted by coaster on 16 Sep 2020

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