Celebrities Skipping Quarantine

Last week Dannii Minogue was given the luxury of skipping mandatory hotel quarantine when she touched down in Brisbane. QLD’s Chief Health officer said this was because she had a “COVID-19 safe plan managed by a third party” in place. Then this week Nicole Kidman and her family were given the same special treatment to self-quarantine in their own home. LiveTribers, is this fair? Does this show special treatment to famous and wealthy people? Should celebrities have to quarantine just like everyone else?

Posted by on 20 Jul 2020

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    No, of course this isn't fair, but as everyone knows, money talks. The laws and regulation should apply to everyone, celebrities included

    Posted by Kitty000 on 03 Aug 2020

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    we are all in this together, just some more than others. One law for all except the special few.

    Posted by Muriel on 31 Jul 2020

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    As long as they stay isolated for the time that is appropiate I do not see any harm. They probaly had to pay a fee to the government

    Posted by June on 24 Jul 2020

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    Normally i would say yes ! But celebrities probably come into contact with more people . So i say no , not through vindictiveness but to protect themselves .

    Posted by robert on 23 Jul 2020

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    Of course it;s not fair. Lots of others would welcome the opportunity to skip hotel quarantine which they must pay for themselves and stay in their homes for free.

    Posted by socker on 23 Jul 2020

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    Of course it is Fair ! it is only the Media, taking a " I want what they have approach "skipping the detail of Kidman & Minoque having prepared a COVID safe plan, at their own expense, procuring a house and security, again, at their expense to keep us safe, a total Media Beat-Up ! of the Battler v the Wealthy b.s. !

    Posted by JEFF on 23 Jul 2020

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    I don't think it is fair but if they follow the rules and observe strict self quarantine and they should be subject to checks to make sure they follow the rules, then it is ok because they are using their own money to quarantine.

    Posted by chocogirl21 on 23 Jul 2020

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    I don't think it is fair, but to be honest if I had their money I would possibly do the same. They are not costing the taxpayers anything by doing their quarantine in their own home, they still have to follow the quarantine rules and regulations for the state, they still have to be tested. Others who come home have been put in quarantine at taxpayers expense, so if you can afford to quarantine in private residences, honestly, who wouldn't?

    Posted by Joyce51 on 21 Jul 2020

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    It's probably not fair...but remember the arty class can't dodge infection if they stuff up....we are all equal at catching viruses !!! and spreading them.

    Posted by mact on 20 Jul 2020

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    Of course it's not fair! I mean, we ARE dealing with a killer virus. WHY should these people be allowed to risk the lives of anyone else just because they are 'celebrities'? Does that mean they're somehow exempt from infection or spreading the disease to others? I don't think we realise what we're dealing with here. And it's getting too late to be finding out.

    Posted by Moongold on 20 Jul 2020

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    Since when has Dannii Minogue been a celebrity? She's just using her talented sister's reputation to fool some people into thinking that she is. It doesn't matter how important these celebrities think they are there should not be able to avoid following Australian rules and regulations.

    Posted by ere on 21 Jul 2020

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