Can You Trust The Mainstream Media?

We Live in a time of political outrage and hardening cultural divides. But if there is one thing on which virtually everyone agrees, it is that the news and information we receive is biased. Every day, someone is complaining about bias, from the latest movie reviews to sports commentary to the World’s current crisis. These complaints and controversies take up a growing share of public discussion where there is a lot of debate. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Can you trust the mainstream media?

Posted by on 30 Sep 2021

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    Nope have the time it's made up

    Posted by pinkf on 04 Oct 2021

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    I do not trust MSM at all. They stick to the official narrative because they are owned by big pharma. They are creating a dangerous divide between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. All dissenting voices are either silenced, demonised or mocked

    Posted by Kitty000 on 02 Oct 2021

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    It seems not all Journos subscribe and keep to their Professional Code of conduct. And the Australian Media Authority is too gutless to discipline adequately the serial offenders. But there are some seemingly professional ones who rise above the usual media swill and report well. An emerging problem seems to be the reliability of their many sources such as The Twittersphere, Facebook, Instagram et al. Despite all the media bombardment these days , facts and truth can be elusive! Caveat Emptor applies.

    Posted by mact on 01 Oct 2021

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    Iggy's mum

    I do not trust the media at all. Mainstream media lost it's unbiased reporting ethic a long time ago. How many articles do you see on the internet that say 'The views contained in this article are the views of the author'? Anyone can post anything now and gullible people accept it as fact because "I saw it online". No wonder conspiracy theories abound.

    Posted by Iggy's mum on 30 Sep 2021

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    Media has always been controlled by the rich and political entities and they skew the news to suit them way too often. I think these days also it has become quite tabloid. However, I would prefer to read their views than armchair social media views

    Posted by coaster on 30 Sep 2021

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    Can't trust the media anymore. They distort the truth, ignore facts, and sensationalise basic information to grab headlines. If they don't hear a good story by 9:00 am they make one up. Mainsteam media, especially the ABC are just interested in their own agendas.

    Posted by ere on 30 Sep 2021

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