Can You Really Be In Love With More Than One Person At The Same Time?

Can You Really Be In Love With More Than One Person At The Same Time?

Love doesn’t necessarily die. Many people freely admit that they’ll always love an ex, even though they consider themselves to be in love with their current partner. The bottom line is, having feelings for more than one person at a time is completely normal. Love isn’t simply a matter of the proverbial heart, but an intricate medley of hormones and chemicals that come together to make us feel the feeling that we, as human beings, have decided to call love. Love changes over time, it comes and goes, strengthens and weakens, and can totally disappear only to come back again, later on, for another round. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Can you really be in love with more than one person at the same time?

Posted by on 08 Aug 2022

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    We probably need to define what love is. It is a complex emotion that is mixed with sexual desire just to confuse everything. Humans are capable of loving a large number of people. To add to the confusion we have morals that each individual follows or doesn't follow. Fidelity to one partner is thought of as a norm in most western societies but lack of fidelity seems to be behind most relationship breakdowns. Love is a vague concept and no 2 people would agree on the one concept.

    Posted by Churnside on 11 Jan 2023

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    Yes i think you could love more than one person at a time but I believe you will love one more

    Posted by Confused92 on 12 Sep 2022

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    Wow two sparing partners ..!! Are you honest enough to be true to the main one in your life ! Being brave enough to have this work ! It is do+able dont be afraid and go for it as all people have different values .

    Posted by stropp on 25 Aug 2022

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    Yes, I do believe you can love more than one person at the same time but I do think one person will always have first preference. I don’t think you can love two people equally. And acting on those feelings at the same time is not always a wise decision. You have to break one heart whilst also breaking your own.

    Posted by Amber on 24 Aug 2022

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    Probably yes but acting on it may not always be wise. I know someone who died from a heart attack, seemingly due to the stress of starting an intense extra-marital relationship. Very sad for all involved.

    Posted by Suzanne on 24 Aug 2022

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    Yes you can, some of my ex partners are still my best friends

    Posted by jaysblueaus on 24 Aug 2022

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    No, there is no such thing as manufactured love, it doesn't happen for real on those tv shows, they are contracted to say they are in love as the viewers then would get a warm & fuzzy feeling.

    Posted by fish5 on 24 Aug 2022

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    Yes. You can cause love to happen. You can develop the feeling of love through your actions.

    Posted by Daniel on 24 Aug 2022

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    It's a no for me, you can love many people as you can but being inlove for me is different than just love,

    Posted by Mary on 24 Aug 2022

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    I feel one true love for me in my lifetime is what I am all about

    Posted by yougiiii on 24 Aug 2022

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    i definitely think you can. I haved loved multiple partners at the same time, and everyone knew about eachother, so there was no sneaking around etc.

    Posted by Mikayla on 16 Aug 2022

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    I’m going to say yes, you love people for different reasons

    Posted by Annie on 16 Aug 2022

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    I would say absolutely yes we love our parents much at the same time and it's normal for others except for our parents like friends, however for lovers I think we can fall in love people more than one person depends on what's relationship between the two. For me personally, I fall in love with man more tan one person but I didn't go out with them at the same time, I mean I had a crush on them.

    Posted by Somhatai on 16 Aug 2022

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    I am in love with 2 men my previous partner who did suddenly and my partner now and the one now is ok with that I have told him my love for my first partner will always be there

    Posted by rellbell on 11 Aug 2022

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    surely you need to define what you meen by love. I love my mother and father, I love my children, I love my siblings, I love my wife, I love my friends, I love my grandchildren. I can say there is no problem with loving more than one person at a time.

    Posted by geoff on 10 Aug 2022

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    Absolutely. Different people meet different needs. I don't believe humans were made to be monogamous.

    Posted by Kellie on 10 Aug 2022

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    Probably......but it might be hard to convince the other party of your sincerity!!!

    Posted by mact on 10 Aug 2022

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    While I think it's possible to love more than one person at a time I don't believe you can be in love with more than one person at a time.

    Posted by Paula on 10 Aug 2022

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    Nope, never! I won't accept whoever having sincere intimate relationship have another person. Three people are a bit too crowdy.... I uphold Princess Diana's famous said.

    Posted by June on 09 Aug 2022

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    56 years married . My love is greater than ever. And vica versa. I have and had only one love and it is a true love and care. Stephen

    Posted by Stephen on 09 Aug 2022

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    Can you really be in love with more than one person at the same time? Yes

    Posted by ere on 09 Aug 2022

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    I'm still in love with my late wife on the 29th of this month it will be 1 year since she died of Cancer, I cry every day and I am 64 years old. I'm now homeless living on the side of the road because the Australian Government imports adherents to the MURDEROUS IDEOLOGY of ISLAM and gives them public housing that us Australians should be living in. Bastards!

    Posted by Francis on 09 Aug 2022

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    So sorry for you, Francis, speak to your loal Labour MP about your need for housing. Moslems, on the whole are decent people, like Atheists and Christians, Yes, Australians should have priority for housing before Ferengi, you can thank the LNP who have a war on the poor.

    Posted by Fourskin. on 10 Aug 2022

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    Labor bought them in by the boat load and the LNP bought them in by the plane load. Last Budget $50.1 million to bring in another 1,200 adherents of the MURDEROUS IDEOLOGY of ISLAM from Afghanistan. Are you aware of the Genocide happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the moment, the adherents of the MURDEROUS IDEOLOGY of ISLAM are wiping out the most endangered race of people on Earth the Pygmies! Australia is part of the United Nations and we stand by and watch it happen.

    Posted by Francis on 10 Aug 2022

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    I presume this is a question of being in love with a partner etc. and another in a romantic way. I think you can be attracted but not sure about being in love. Love though cannot be measured.

    Posted by coaster on 08 Aug 2022

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    Yes you can, but I don't think it's something that can be measured. Each relationship is different and special in it's own way.

    Posted by tutti_cutie on 08 Aug 2022

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    You can love any number of people. Being 'in love' is more of a temporary thing which can disappear when the honeymoon is over so to speak.

    Posted by Jenetta on 08 Aug 2022

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    Really depends on your definition of love. Paul the Apostle defined love in a way that could be applied to everyone, and in the Bible we are asked to love our neighbor as ourselves, as some people are able to do.

    Posted by fisherman on 16 Aug 2022

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