Aussies Divided: Potato Scallop or Potato Cake?

Everyone loves potato and can appreciate its deliciousness in all different forms. Chips, wedges, mashed, the possibilities are endless. However, one thing Aussies can’t agree on is whether or not the chip shop classic is called a potato scallop or a potato cake. LiveTribers, where do you stand on this very important topic? Potato cake or potato scallop?

Posted by on 19 Jun 2020

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    Old Man

    Potato SCOLLOP is the design of the product/food. (Scalloped) Potato CAKE is what it is, a CAKE. No matter what one calls it, I'm up for them, YUM.

    Posted by Old Man on 28 Jun 2020

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    Ever since I was a young boy it has been called the "potato cake" and any other name is just rubbish potato scallop is ridiculous cause you can order scallops at the fish and chips shop and potato scallop would be confusing and any child allergic to fish could end up in hospital by ordering a potato scallop cause a lot of the fish and chips shop are run by new immigrants to Australia and some have not learnt enough English and could easily make a common error by giving the child a scallop instead of a potato scallop so stick to the true dinkum name potato cake.

    Posted by Darryl on 23 Jun 2020

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    Potato Scallops

    Posted by Linda on 22 Jun 2020

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    Potato Scallops for me!

    Posted by Craigy on 22 Jun 2020

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    I lived in Victoria for 60 years and during that time, potato cakes were always potato cakes. I moved to NSW 10 years ago and when I first arrived, they were called potato scallops (took a bit of getting used to), but I noticed that after I had been here about 2 years, everyone was calling them potato cakes, at least in our town. I still visit Victoria frequently and they are still potato cakes there. In Victoria scallops were fish with batter on them. I remember buying 5 pence (yes pence, not cents) worth of potato cakes on my way home from school and could not eat them all. Those were the days! No matter what they are called, they are yummy and are always the food I crave and miss most when overseas.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 21 Jun 2020

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    Potato scollop as it's flat like a scollop

    Posted by Drakeo on 20 Jun 2020

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    Fair dinkum Alessandra.... who bloody cares! Surely you could have chosen a more serious subject to get comments on...geez!!! We used to call them potato fritters in case you wanted the Aussie vernacular from Victoria without the b/s American idiom!!

    Posted by mact on 20 Jun 2020

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    We have always called them potato scallops.

    Posted by angrymum on 20 Jun 2020

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    Potato cakes are a must when you have fish and chips. Don’t mind what they’re called so long as they taste good

    Posted by Ros on 20 Jun 2020

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    Suzanne Day

    I'm with you Ros, as long as they taste good. I have the craving again now after coming back into the forum to see further commenrs. Haha. Back for another couple for lunch today I think .

    Posted by Suzanne Day on 21 Jun 2020

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    Who? Me?

    Living in New South Wales they have always been called a Potato Scallop but whatever people want to call them, I don't care as I will always love my potato scallops and their foreign friends, potato cakes :)

    Posted by Who? Me? on 20 Jun 2020

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    I personally love the potato scallop , especially at the fish n chip shop . But looking at the humble potato , it's hard to imagine it's versatility , like the egg , there are a miriad of uses and recipes . I'm going to try to list all the different ways one can have a potato :- 1 boiled 2 roasted 3 oven baked with skin on 4 chips , french fries 5 scallops 6 potato bake 7 rosti 8 hash browns 9 gnocchi 10 crisps 11 baked with foil 12 mashed 13 crocquettes 14 bubble and squeak 15 potato crepes 16 potato salad 17 japanese style soy simmered potatoes 18 cubed powdered potatoes 19 potato soup 20 irish herbed potatoes 21 stuffed potatoes . That's all i can come up with , anymore ?

    Posted by robert on 19 Jun 2020

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    As they are made out of potato and not a scallop we always called them potato cakes. Still do and I like them still. You are right, you can do a lot with the humble spud.

    Posted by coaster on 20 Jun 2020

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    having lived all over Australia I can tell you it depends on what state you are in and what you are brought up with. In NSW it is definitely potato scallop (well during my childhood) but in WA it is potato cake and if you order potato scallops you get the fish variety. Whatever they are called just the name conjurs up childhood memories of hot greasy delicious fried potato.....yum, smothered in salt and wrapped in white butchers paper.....oh yum.

    Posted by Lesley on 19 Jun 2020

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    Victoria is or was potato cake but Queensland is potato scallop and when I ordered the latter questions the man why I got a potato cake

    Posted by coaster on 20 Jun 2020

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    Suzanne Day

    It's a potato cake as far as I'm concerned. That's usually what's on the board at the shop. It's always what mum asked us if we wanted as a kid. It was up there then and it is still there now. Potato Cake is the way to go. All this talk of them on this cold winter's day leaves me yearning for one now. Guess it's to the chip shop for tea tonight.

    Posted by Suzanne Day on 19 Jun 2020

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