Are Zoos Unethical?

While zoos exist primarily for profit, they also do a lot of good in terms of conservation and research. But is it ethical to keep animals in cages that would normally roam freely? While most would probably agree that orcas shouldn’t be kept in aquariums, should lions be kept in zoos? What do you think LiveTribers? Are zoos unethical?

Posted by on 08 Oct 2019

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    If the zoo is well run and the animals are in excellent enclosures giving them plenty of room to breed and behave as naturally as possible I think they are very useful for research, conservation and education. However, there are many zoos around the world which do not offer the animals a good life and these should be closed and the animals given a better life elsewhere,.

    Posted by coaster on 19 Oct 2019

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    This topic have two sides... Some people think that zoos are unethical , while some think they are source of research information and proper treatment for wild animals

    Posted by Zainab on 15 Oct 2019

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    This is very debatable, depends on which zoo, which animal ,and does the animal have adequate space for its breed.

    Posted by Karly on 14 Oct 2019

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    I believe that ,Do to awl times ?all anamals need to be the right anamal in the right invirament for the reason of respectful repere of it's speasess ,so that when it's flourishing alawable amounts of that special speasess needs to be ree introduced?to a environment in to witch it belongs????

    Posted by Robert on 14 Oct 2019

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    Zoo have both 2 faces. First, animals in zoo they don't worry about food, accomodation, being killed by hunters or other animals. However, keeping them in aritifical habitat might cause a loosing of there wild properties.

    Posted by Steven on 13 Oct 2019

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    No animals should ever be in cages they should be in their natural habitat

    Posted by Gemma on 13 Oct 2019

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    I have no concerns with Zoos because they do a lot of good especially to the sick and injured . The breeding programs are amazing and this alone helps a animal kingdom .

    Posted by Ginni on 12 Oct 2019

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    Open range zoos such as Dubbo are more so than 'closed' zoos such as Taronga Park. Reason - The animals have more room to move in a more realistic environment.

    Posted by Robert on 11 Oct 2019

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    no, nit at all. The animals are lucky, they are fed and cared for. It is not a good place to be out in the wild these days. Zoos the place to be for a quality life

    Posted by Carol on 11 Oct 2019

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    Some of the animals we can only see in the zoo unless we go overseas. Some of the animals they are trying to breed as they are trying to save their species also they swap and transfer animals between zoos to help their species with breeding also.

    Posted by Lbeetie on 10 Oct 2019

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    Attended a lecture from head of Melb zoo & Professor of Zoology who explained the science that it is better for the animal to be caged rather than try to imitate the natural enviroment. Pschologically animals adapt. My opinion is that Orphaned or zoo bred animals are the only animals that should be caged, as in nature they would not survive.

    Posted by puntingdaz on 10 Oct 2019

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    I feel that modern day zoos should not involve small cages for the animals, rather it should be the visitors to the zoos that pass through covered walkways viewing animals in larger exhibit areas. While not ideal it would be healthier for the animals to be able to roam at will with more space available to them.

    Posted by John on 08 Oct 2019

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    A lot of zoos are now making large enclosures. Some are imvolved in breeding almost extinct breeds and hope to return some to their natural environment even if that is overseas. It is great that we now have open range zoos, In SA one has a fair bit of scrub which is definitely being left there

    Posted by DDTT on 08 Oct 2019

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