Are We Doing Enough To Save The Planet?

Deforestation, climate change, fast fashion and extinction. These are all global issues impacting the planet but are we actually doing enough to save our world? It’s estimated that by 2050 conditions in parts of the world will be too extreme and it will be hard for humans to survive. Are we doing enough to save the planet for future generations? What do you do on a day to day basis to try and help the planet or do you not think it’s your problem?

Posted by on 01 Jul 2019

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    No i don't think we are doing enough to save our planet.they rape the earth of Cole that's what keeps the earth cool and we are just plundering the Cole that's why it's getting hotter and hotter.and we need to get rid All plastic bags go back to paper bags.we have it good here in Australia but the more and more people we let in from other countries don't care about what they do they stuff there own country by politing the water they wash their clothes in the river and beside that person there's someone washing there body and next to that person there's someone fishing yuk.

    Posted by Stafsta on 24 Jul 2019

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    We are slow too move in this regard. The western world may take the lead, however in all honesty it is the most populated regions of the world need to make these changes. The question is will they?. China, India etc. South American defforestation is singularly one of the largest contributors to climatisation. It is up to the world powers, The United Nations to help rebuild these forests. They need to the pay those who have felled trees for plantations. The average man. It wouldn't be easy with the drug cartels, however a concerted force could change that!.

    Posted by Karen on 14 Jul 2019

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    We are not doing enough! We need to aggressively tackle single use plastic in all shopping centres worldwide! We need to reforest Huge areas of land, we need to cherish our oceans and clean up the mess. Plastic Glitter needs to be made illegal and replaced with biodegradable glitter only, we need to use less fossil fuel, we all should have to compost our food waste. Every home should HAVE to compost food waste, those of us with gardens should compost it there those without should have a bin for it that’s collected by the garbage truck once a week, separate to the green waste bin. I compost, bins smell less stinky and garden is developing more nutritious soil. I grow a small amount of herbs and vegetables. If we all could grow some food ourselves I think we would feel more connected to preserving our planet. Populations need to be encouraged to grow some food.

    Posted by Sharon on 08 Jul 2019

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    Posted by CHARLES on 08 Jul 2019

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    Champagne Queen

    Over population and deforestation are the greatest threats to our planet.

    Posted by Champagne Queen on 07 Jul 2019

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    Living in an apartment, I recycle everything that is possible, and compost my food waste and use in my balcony garden.

    Posted by Garry on 07 Jul 2019

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    I am not doing enough to save our planet and support the belief that by 2050 we may not be able to survive on out planet also hope that humans do not get to another planet as we shall only destroy the undiscovered planet with ignorance we all need to take a step back and look at our selves and see where we came from

    Posted by stretchly on 07 Jul 2019

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    We need to get rid of this number one Pollution Threat,Single use Plastics, Including Plastic Lined Baby Napkins. Then think about all the Pollution We Are Causing Countries like CHINA that has about 3,500 Coal Fired Power Stations to cope with all the Products that the rest of the World Imports From Them,where a Lot of the Population has to wear Masks to Breath. Australia has only 21 Coal Fired Power Stations Left,which is already Showing Signs of breaking down the Reliable Power Supply we used to have. We would have to have a lot more Green power to come even close to avoid the Blackouts that will be inevitable.

    Posted by Four on 07 Jul 2019

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    Yes I believe that I’m doing my best by recycling just about everything I can & I have Solar to reduce my carbon footprint

    Posted by Bombthrower on 07 Jul 2019

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    Individuals are doing their best. Supermarkets need to reduce their use of plastic and styrofoam in their packaging. for crying out loud, we can choose veggies on our own without bagging them. Who cares if they have been handled. We can wash them when we get home.

    Posted by Carla on 07 Jul 2019

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    I don't think we need to save the planet - we need to save ourselves from making the planet uninhabitable..

    Posted by Maheen on 06 Jul 2019

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    lord mayor

    WELL SAID. why is Green land covered with ice?. could this be the start of climate change? Back to the Ice Age???

    Posted by lord mayor on 07 Jul 2019

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    Very well said!

    Posted by Shottibar on 07 Jul 2019

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    Before we start to save our Planet, we always start within ourselves. Each one of us must learn the essence of DISCIPLINE. In addition, we, as humans must protect and conserve what we have right now before it's too late to be aware of. Let's work hand in hand and do little things within ourselves. Then, that "Little Action" will soon be thanked for the Conservation of our Planet.

    Posted by ANNABELLE on 06 Jul 2019

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    Considering that humans are the most intelligent species on earth we have failed miserably as custodians of this planet!

    Posted by wagait on 06 Jul 2019

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    I don't think we need to save the planet - we need to save ourselves from making the planet uninhabitable...

    Posted by intrepidarts on 06 Jul 2019

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    Trust science & technology to save the planet for the future we just need the funds to go to the right places. Deforestation- plant more trees, climate- use carbon dioxide as fuel source (already possible), Extinction- use genetic banks to re-populate. Landfill can be used to reclaim land or produce hills/mountains & fill mines. Humans can adapt to extreme climates with the use of technology.

    Posted by puntingdaz on 06 Jul 2019

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    No we are not doing enough. While department stores and supermarkets continue to supply goods and food in unnecessary packaging that a majority is not recyclable we will continue to have no other way of disposing other than land fill. Tax big business until they get the message if they pass cost on to the consumer

    Posted by Barry on 06 Jul 2019

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    We are not doing enough! Come on people...take action, say No! Make it loud and clear to the big companies. No to the manufacture of plastic bottles, No to every day items wrapped/packaged in plastic. No to ALL plastic bags. And get on board...Reuse, recycle, reduce. We all live on this planet, We are ALL responsible. It will take EVERYONE to turn this unacceptable situation around.

    Posted by SEARS on 05 Jul 2019

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    We have already destroyed many parts of Earth so we are not doing enough to save our Earth. We need to encourage everyone to plant more trees and mainly reduce the amount of waste. We should try to completely recycle the waste that we produce.

    Posted by Prapti on 05 Jul 2019

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    Here in Australia where I live, governments are very keen on in-fill housing. We see where one house is demolished, sometimes 4 or 5 units are built. Trees and gardens destroyed. Many beautiful old homes are knocked down to allow this. This is not protecting our environment. only the developers' pockets and the governments' tax grabs.

    Posted by marli on 06 Jul 2019

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    The planet already has thousands of hectares where human life is impossible and only a changing climate will make increasing areas habitable. The planet is not heading into the apocalypse that the activists are claiming. In many areas, including most of Australia, the conditions are such that there will be no identifiable degradation in living conditions. Not enough of the believers in AGW disaster have done the science themselves and have taken on board the extreme claims of groups that have political agendas behind their future horrors claims. We are already being forced to do more than is needed and can afford.

    Posted by Yerongaboy on 05 Jul 2019

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    Yerongaboy, I sorta agree with you. In my life time I have seen Saltwater Crocs, and Whales go from bloody near extinct / endangered to healthy populations. I have seen cities like Brisbane & Sydney go from from smog filled in 1975, to cities to places that have clear air. I am also a friends with an astrologer. She would agree with you. The sun is slowly dying ... I also know that from school. I absolutely do everything I can to do the right thing by the planet ... because it should be all of our default mode, not because someone tells us the world is heating up.

    Posted by Ulysses on 05 Jul 2019

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    We are not doing enough. People think about themselves these days, not the bigger picture. Today matters, not tomorrow. That's why that lot got in.

    Posted by WendyLS on 05 Jul 2019

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    We are definately not doing enough to save our planet for future generations. Our government needs to fund projects and commit before it is too late. Education needs to become common place in schools and we need to have more people recycling and helping to plant greenery.

    Posted by Suzanne on 05 Jul 2019

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    When the majority of voters elect a climate denying, coal mining sympathetic, lying Coalition Government it is a perfect example that we are not doing enough to save our planet. A previous respondent used the burning of wod as an example of destroying our planet. Unfortunately if you live in a small Regional town you have two choices, burn wod for heating in winter or use electricity which burns coal to produce it. The Federal Government needs to pull the blindfold off and tell the lobbiests for tghe coal industry to rack off and use their e3ndeavours in a non planet destroying fashion.

    Posted by Whizbang on 05 Jul 2019

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    I feel terribly sorry for your brainwashed left winged attitude. Sadly small businesses are going broke with the high electricity costs! I hope you are working, not to sure that you worry about all the people being placed out of work with your small minded attitude. Windmills, Solar Batteries mostly subsides to foreign countries! Maybe do more research broaden your small minded attitude!

    Posted by Shottibar on 07 Jul 2019

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    I don't think we are doing anywhere near enough to save the world for future generations to enjoy

    Posted by Rosie on 04 Jul 2019

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    No we are not doing enough.It is called working together.People are too selfish to give a crap

    Posted by ladycroak on 04 Jul 2019

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    No because most people simply dont put the planets future before themselves. This causes people to continue to do things such as burning fuel, cutting down trees for profit, littering and mining. As long as people have this mindset and choose not to make certain sacrifices, the planets long term health will be severely comprimised.

    Posted by Gabriel on 04 Jul 2019

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    If you honestly ??would be doing so, we all should therefore start saving caring for our own citizens; do we?? Australia does not care for its citizens examples whistleblowers condemned for truth.. if there is not a sense of getting protection or care, how do we claim to be bloody saving the planet?? makes us wonder if the movement for climate change, saving planet another excuse for control, a pity people are muttons allowing their rulers taking them to the slaughter!!!

    Posted by corinne on 04 Jul 2019

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    The climate has always changed so we just adjust to it. But pollution would have to be the biggest problem...

    Posted by Ross on 04 Jul 2019

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    Planet is crying out for help,you just have to have sound investment in the infrastructure

    Posted by ibby on 04 Jul 2019

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    I think many individuals do but it is a drop in the ocean due to the devastation corporations are doing to the planet for their hip pockets. I also think certain countries use the ocean, rivers, land etc. as just one huge garbage dump. Farmers and or graziers cut down trees and then complain about the salt coming up or the lack of rain. They have to better manage their land Our children and grandchildren etc. are going to reap the disaster which is being sown by greedy or stupid people. We need solutions to the plastic disaster We need more and more millions of trees and plants and stop deforestation We need better air quality I do not believe so much in climate change but I do believe we have overloaded our small globe. Recycling is not happening but there should be some smart person out there that might have a solution We have to stop being a throw away society. This is a new phenomenon where phones, TVs, computers, etc. are just thrown out but also you see so many coffee cups, plastic bottles, plastic cutlery, so much that is not biodegradable. This is a huge problem but surely we are smart enough that we can tackle these problems and get solutions that will not cost billions of dollars. My little bit is not worth squat but if billions of humans all get behind it we can change the future.

    Posted by coaster on 03 Jul 2019

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    WELL said, quite agree with everything you have written. I despair for our beautiful planet, ;brought to it's knees by we humans. Even our insect population is being wiped out by pesticides/deforestation and without insects we are nothing!!

    Posted by grandmajam on 04 Jul 2019

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    lovewrinkle 54

    we do our bit as a family probably not to the extreme but every bit helps and in some ways see the effort in clean up Australia re whales as an example.I don't live in the hot weather and our heating is wood and our electricity coal powered and cold winters.Easy to say wipe all this for a costly alternative re cold and aircons for the hot climates.I love trees and my block is full of trees to the house next door that takes up 90%land 2 storey and going through a certifier another story in itself.Whatever comes out of the ground isn't replaced re minerals etc so whatever happens is doomed anyway as we all think my children will survive next generation so why worry and go on with life as usual.

    Posted by lovewrinkle 54 on 03 Jul 2019

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    Posted by jodie737 on 03 Jul 2019

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    I think not , it almost appears that we humans as a species have worked ourselves into such a hyper state , with our assumptions and perceptions that we have let our ego get the better of us. We are programmed from birth to surrender our identity and to conform , become part of this ever hungry industrial mill which seems to eventually consume conquer eradicate or defile every part of that which will support and sustain us. Much to the detriment of every other living creature. The result seem so many are caught up in and have taken on the stresses of what, when and for how much , plastic , paper of credit that we will trade our lives. As if this is the sum total of who we are. Alan Watts summed it up when he spoke of the look of anguish on peoples faces when the bill comes at the checkout of the supermarket when confronted with how much the few bags of groceries we have selected will cost. To see that look, and perceive the mind in turmoil as it tally's up all the hours spent laboring for these items. With the reluctant parting of a handful of notes as if these were all the wealth of the world, rather than just a picture on a bit of paper that already had debit attached when it came into circulation . The real wealth is in the grocery bags , its the time spent with family and loved ones over the evening meal at the dinner table, the building of connection and memories in the hearth of the home . We humans as a species now no longer see ourselves as part of nature , but separate and above it. When news reports came out of scientists concern that over a million species face extinction in our very immediate future if we do not radically change how we value our planet and our role on her, this was not even news worthy for more than passing mention. Perhaps we could spare a thought for the humble bee , they are racing toward extinction and when they die out , we will begin to as well. The only commodity we cannot buy is more time , and if we manage to stave off natural selection for another day we each only get 86,400 seconds each day, understanding that this may well be all the time that we ever have puts perspective into the moments. Makes it easier to understand what is important and what is just bullshit . I trust all that read this will get the full measure of their 86,400 seconds today , but while you read this, in this very present moment decide how you will spend your moments? the choice is yours to see life through an artificial filter with conditions on your happiness ? Or to live consciously and with the reverence that this amazing kaleidoscope of life deserves? .

    Posted by kiwitackle on 03 Jul 2019

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    It is a pity that our politicians don't possess the intelligence and logic that you have so clearly demonstrated in your message

    Posted by Whizbang on 05 Jul 2019

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    Exactly. It's all mostly meaningless. A big game that doesn't even matter. The people telling each other to do and think it does, don't matter. They are a greedy and corrupt minority of nobodies and psychos that people should turn their backs on instead of fearing them and making them rich, further supporting the destructive cycle. Who are they? Why do they matter if you just want to be left alone? Why are they always interfering in your lives? What is their agenda? I can't word it right at the moment but it would be nice to see good people LET IT ALL GO, SNAP OUT OF IT, REALIZE WHAT IT IS and HELP EACH OTHER instead of focusing on distractions, pointless material junk and deliberate civil divisions on a global scale, unlikely though. The well is poisoned beyond belief.

    Posted by 8181 on 03 Jul 2019

  • [2] [2]

    What do we want to salvage? Overpopulation of hairless monkeys called humans is our problem. The Mother Nature needn't care, she can get rid of humans anytime like dinosaurs, etc. So, are you really asking about THE PLANET? Or about YOURSELVES? The planet is a big rock that can't be destroyed by humans. Please, sort your thoughts first.

    Posted by Karel on 03 Jul 2019

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    I recycle stuff so it don't go to land fill.

    Posted by Chrysler on 03 Jul 2019

  • [2] [1]

    I don't think we are its happening way faster than we realise.

    Posted by teenyweeny on 03 Jul 2019

  • [5] [1]

    The damage to the world is done by the human population. The world is overpopulated, and nobody is doing anything significant to to mitigate this. The incentives to make more money and gain more power are too great to stop human enterprises and governments from destroying the worlds environment, it's resources and other life forms.

    Posted by Robot37 on 03 Jul 2019

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    no where near enough the councils government are allowing business to continue cutting down trees we need the trees to regulate the climate there not doing enough to encourage the public to use less water ,encourage business to use and make recyclable packaging most products are wrapped in plastic the product themselves maybe made from recyclable but the wrappings aren,t wake government do more , maybe u don,t care about our environment but i do so get some balls and stand up to business make them change the way operate its not hard i didn,t need to go to uni to learn about the environment

    Posted by alderwick on 03 Jul 2019

  • [3] [1]

    no way are we doing enough & it's probably too late anyway. the earth hasn't had to recover from human activity until now & we continue on our merry way plundering resources to make profit under the guise of progress. our indigenous people survived here for 65000 years or more without destroying the balance- we could learn so much from them. instead we have no leaders willing to make a stand. hope your children & their children survive

    Posted by chickenhead on 03 Jul 2019

  • [3] [1]

    No we are not We used to have more recycling plants in WA but the government closed all of them. With the recycling plastic they used to make park benches and worm farms. I see in England they make roads so many places in the world are doing things to combat there wastage why cant Australia this government have to pull their fingers out and do something

    Posted by June on 03 Jul 2019

  • [3] [1]

    Not at All, different laws for private & public sectors & another totally for overseas businesses here in our country!!! Also, look st our own political parties ...... waste, waste....waste

    Posted by Kathleen on 03 Jul 2019

  • [3] [2]

    Ice ages, extreme heatwaves, tsunamis, volcanoes, floods etc. have existed and repeated their activities for millions of years. The planet has always recovered and repaired these damaging influences without any human interference. What ever we or governments attempt to do now for the benefit of the planet's future are just dreams.

    Posted by MARTY on 03 Jul 2019

  • [4] [0]

    I don't think most people are going to snap out of the false reality/game parameters they've been tricked into participating within before everything gets far worse. The people at the top end don't care at all unless it's highly profitable.

    Posted by 8181 on 02 Jul 2019

  • [3] [0]

    As for the question I recycle, try to save power and water where I can. It's hard knowing what else to actually do apart from not buy anything.

    Posted by 8181 on 02 Jul 2019

  • [1] [1]

    No. We're doomed.

    Posted by Alioop on 02 Jul 2019

  • [1] [5]

    The goverment has everything under control when it needed it will all come out

    Posted by Richard on 02 Jul 2019

  • [1] [1]

    Yeah and pink elephants will fly!!!

    Posted by Whizbang on 05 Jul 2019

  • [7] [1]

    NO!!! And it it so frustrating to watch our stupid government refusing to acknowledge what we the people want. Stuff the economy, make decisions based on science not profit. The normal people like us are doing as much as we can, but unless the government takes action it is wasted. I am ashamed of our government, and ashamed of anyone who voted for them in the last election. Without care of our planet there will be no economy, no money, no jobs, no food, no people.

    Posted by algemyone on 02 Jul 2019

  • [7] [1]

    NOPE!! For years, the general public were unconcerned. Now the younger people are concerned, but those in power do not care. All they want is quick money and power.

    Posted by Deepika on 02 Jul 2019

  • [2] [1]
    Sukhjeet Billing

    As a proverb charity begins at home, we have to stand and start cleaning around us.

    Posted by Sukhjeet Billing on 02 Jul 2019

  • [3] [1]

    No, our Government is turning a blind eye, yet the rest of the world (or some of it) are way ahead. They keep asking people to do more on a personal level but on a larger scale we are seeing so much destruction still going on all over the world. The Amazon is still being cleared, Indonesian forests are being cleared until no orangutan will not live in the wild anymore, whilst we see polluting coal still being pushed instead of clean renewable sources of energy, we are seeing extinction rates of mammals, insects, flora and fauna on a level not seen before, we are seeing the ice sheets melting while polar bears are moving into towns to seek food, as well as other animals losing their habitats and having to adapt or die, the list goes on. Since the 1960's when people started becoming aware of looking after the planet we have not seen anything change enough, just more humans, more destruction, more agriculture, more highways, more clearing of natural forests and the Indigenous cultures of the world losing their lands. First thing we need to do is to stop humans having so many babies, then turn to a plant based diet, stop the clearing land of natural habitat, clean up the oceans, and stop making products that do not get recycled. Closing the loop of manufacturing and stop pushing people to buy cheap throw away junk. Then there is electric cars, why is Australia so behind on getting petrol cars off the road? Because our Government is getting donations from oil, gas and coal industries, so they keep going down the same road. Yes do your bit, but we need the big players to get on board and fast.

    Posted by musicveg on 02 Jul 2019

  • [2] [1]

    I doubt if anybody does as much as they should, I have always been into recycling and since I retired I work as a Volunteer at an Op Shop. Guilty of driving an old petrol car and purchase more clothing/footwear than I really need.In recent times I have made a conscious effort to purchase more local food and beverages.

    Posted by Stricker on 01 Jul 2019

  • [4] [1]

    I would not stress about your old car mate, we need to clean up the big polluter's first.

    Posted by musicveg on 02 Jul 2019

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