Are mobile phone cameras saving lives or just another revenue stream for the government?

You may have noticed a bit of debate lately around the removal of warning signs on mobile speed cameras.  In fact, Revenue NSW has released figures that show an increase in speeding fines since warning signs were removed and mobile speed camera vehicles became unmarked.

Livetribers, do you think the goverrment genuinely cares about saving lives or are they more interested in lining their pockets?  Let us know what you think below.

Posted by on 12 Feb 2021

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    Of course the pocket lining is great for the state, but I thought there were more distance limit speed cameras these days, where you are photographed going through the speed camera at x speed at 0.00pm and then again at the next camera at 0.20pm and then the distance is calculated to see how fast you have travelled between the cameras and if it is over the speed limit, then you get fined anyway. I know there are many of these type devices here in Victoria. Of course it only keeps the honest drivers honest, but the sting in the wallet may make more drivers honest as well.

    Posted by CILLY0 on 16 Feb 2021

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    I think removing the warning signs in NSW was a great idea. What good does it do if someone slows down just to pass the speed camera, then speeds off well over the limit. I have seen this happen many times. I spent most of my adult life in Victoria where there were no warning signs and I never received a speeding ticket because I don't drive over the speed limit. When I moved to NSW I was amazed how many people drove well over the speed limit. In fact very few people ever drove at the limit and would get aggressive with you if you did. It really is time to put an end to this and speed cameras without warning signs will help. Hitting people's hip pockets might teach them a lesson not to speed. It is simple - if you don't want a fine, don't speed. The life you save might be your own.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 16 Feb 2021

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    If you believe you are responsible enough to control a car then you should be responsible enough to cop a ticket if you are caught speeding. Whether the camera is hidden or not doesn't make them annoying. It is getting pinged for a fine you know you could have avoided. If that bruises a driver's wallet - perhaps it also helps remind them to take better care driving for their own sake and others on teh road?

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 15 Feb 2021

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    This is a topic i have always had trouble trying to reconcile . Let me take you back a number of years before metrics , the speed limit was 35mph in a built up area ie. 60km in today's terms .Cars were not built with safety in mind and engines were generally big 6's or V8"s , the braking systems? were both front and rear drum brakes , no safety belts or baby seats . Let's fast forward to today's vehicles , all have seat belts and warning , in fact more alarms and sensors than Fort Knox , the braking is disc front and rear and most with smaller engines . A lot of modern day technology comes from F1 and these are mum and dad cars . Cars can brake quicker , corner better and travel faster . Lowering speed limits is not the answer , but that's all the authorities have to use as a benchmark , an old fashioned law being applied to modern day cars . Sure you will always get idiots doing dumb things , but we had them back then ! As they say the law is an Ass .

    Posted by robert on 15 Feb 2021

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    Make it easier for people to be fined. So back to the old days, keep the eyes OPEN for cameras.

    Posted by June on 14 Feb 2021

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    They definitely lining pockets but if society behaved wouldnt show them they can use that as a reason it should be done as it will save *fffff? Lifes

    Posted by Freakymegabitch on 13 Feb 2021

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    Probably both. If you speed beyond a posted limit and you are caught .... It's your with it and change your behaviour may save you or another's life.....this is coming from a Paramedic of over 30 years!!!

    Posted by mact on 13 Feb 2021

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    In Qld mobile speed cameras and unmarked vehicles can pop up anywhere and fixed cameras are not marked, There are general warnings that speed cameras may be operating in an area, but that is all. I agree with this approach because all the signed speed cameras do is get drivers to slow down for that couple of hundred metres and are not a deterrent.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 13 Feb 2021

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    As we've never had warning signs in Victoria NSW drivers don't realise how lucky they've been. They should stop complaining because they've had it good for a long time and all good things eventually come to an end. Having said that IMO unmarked speed cameras anywhere are only revenue raisers and do little or nothing to save lives and strategically placed visible police cars are more of a deterrent than sneaky cameras which do nothing on the day to slow a driver down.

    Posted by ere on 12 Feb 2021

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