Are Millennials Lazy?

60% of respondents in a survey of 25 – 34-year old’s think JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments should be extended further than the predicted September end date. While many believe it’s a good way to keep the Australian economy somewhat steady in uncertain times, others think it’s just pure laziness. LiveTribers, do you think Millennials are lazy? Are these payments an excuse for some people not to work? What do you think?

Posted by on 15 Jun 2020

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    Sorry buy yes. Handouts galore we had nothing like that. Its sounds like a given. Guys you have to work for it. They will hold more jobs. Ive had 8. Mostly public service, some private enterprise i.e banks x2 and optometry. I undetstand its harden when you have been spoon fed, but we are the tail end of the baby boombers. We have money saved cant earn inteterest. We have lost too much in super recently with the recession. 4 years of savings gone. No time off for good behavior giving to others when in need. Would like to see whats in store. Kaz x

    Posted by Karen on 22 Jun 2020

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    Suzanne Day

    I don't think you can just say millennials. I think it's accross the board in any group. Gen x or y or baby boomers. I believe it has a lot to do with the way a person is bought up and what they have lived with. It's hard to break a bad cycle but sure it c an b e done. It's got to be wanted though and not just forced onto the person or they will generally revert to there previous ways at some stage. Seriously though I don't think you can just single out millennials.

    Posted by Suzanne Day on 19 Jun 2020

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    Its like having insurance if you can’t find work I believe the scheme is highly beneficial and keeps the jobseeker positive in finding a role without the financial stress and burden inbetween.

    Posted by Heba on 18 Jun 2020

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    Stephen Jay

    In these times yes we can say that Millenials are lazy since they get thing easier nowadays, some of them just depends on their parents money to support their studies or anything that they like to do. However, the JobKeeper payment isn't an excuse for people not to work, it's there as an aid for everyone who can't afford to go out because they might bring the virus at home not knowing they have it. Everyone is eager to go back to work again and enjoy the life of being outdoors but we must not risk our lives outside until we know that it's safe to go out.

    Posted by Stephen Jay on 18 Jun 2020

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    learn the art of living and not just existing, life does not evolve around your phone, gaming and socialising. If you want something you have to earn it, learn to be employable as the world .owes you nothing, it has given you air to breathe and water to drink. Your parents gave you life, food and a nappy to shit in. Now be thankful and develop some skills. learn to develop a life, not everything is free .

    Posted by shrott on 17 Jun 2020

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    I can only write on my lived experience. Corona Virus has affected my Family negatively. My son who is 29 & works in Construction, hasn't had his employment affected. His wife though, was pregnant when she began losing hours & then was put on JobSeeker. Happily, they've had a healthy son recently. My daughter in law has no job to return to though. I'ts just fortunate that they chose not to buy their first home last November, as they were going to. Obviously, some of these payments have gone to he wrong people & some people have been left without any social assistance & support. It's an imperfect system. But I really see that these payments have seen Families being able to put food on the table & balance their rents, while their worlds spin out of control. I include a link which discusses the Unemployment figures during this Covid period... ent-in-march-pre-coronavirus-lockdown-statistics-show

    Posted by Digitz on 17 Jun 2020

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    The Govt didnt think things through. Thats why so many missed the train. I suggest your daughter inlaw gets on linked in. It is a good site and people lusten. Atm the unemployment figures are way out of kilter. The real truth has not been told. Employment counts as 1 hour per week. The government are totally responsible, deceitful and not transparent. Not good enough when they give themselves a pay rise. Dont see that happenimg for anyone else. Democracy is a joke that why i vote for the only person who is acheiving Jacqui Lambie. I want her to form a state and with the best minds. We need a shift if we are to go forward. Sorry will not play games with the US nor be humiliated by Chinese.

    Posted by Karen on 22 Jun 2020

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    I am 69 and I know a number of millennials, some relatives, some friends. Some of the ones I know are downright lazy, will go to any lengths to avoid even going for a job interview. Others are working hard to get ahead and further their chosen career. Stand back and look at most other generations, whatever name you give to their age group I can say exactly the same thing about them. I believe much of a persons attitude to working/career are taught to them from an early age, like myself. I was encouraged to further my education, get a job, look after myself. Can't blame people for the way they were raised, it is hard to remove years of training. Give everyone a fair go and stop judging others.

    Posted by Joyce51 on 17 Jun 2020

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    The Millennials I've met show no interest in furthering their careers or life in general.

    Posted by jj2010 on 17 Jun 2020

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    Yes I agree

    Posted by Melissa on 17 Jun 2020

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    I think they should be extended but at a reduced rate. So many industries are shut and tourism and entertainment won't be as full of activity in the near future, even if they changed jobs streams -where do all those extra positions get created?

    Posted by FionaL on 16 Jun 2020

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    Well, they'd be justified in saying so. How many businesses have died totally due to covid-19? There are far fewer places available now than in mid-February. The government chose to shut everything down, so now the system has to pay - that's just how it works. It's going to take quite some time to get the economy moving again. Not only that, but certain states that depend largely on tourism & education, like here in SA, are doomed & need to re-invent everything to have a hope of recovery. This happened not just due to covid-19, but the Federal Government managed to really, really piss of China, our biggest trading partner, multiple times inside of a couple of months. I should know, as I was one of those who recently completed a lengthy & comprehensive survey run by the State Government. Results seemed to be funnelled towards moving away from China & up-tech'ing instead. Of course I argued against it. Millenials, as a whole, have always sought to work smarter rather than harder. Extending payments is seen not as bludging, but as partial compensation for the governments collectively destroying their future. Millenials prefer to work, in their own way & typically despise handouts. They're as frustrated as the rest of us, but most can't see a way out. The older generation have the benefit of hindsight & hold varying degrees of hope that our political system has a chance to return to the good old days before we had a "political consensus", whereby this country has been ruled by just one party (not three, but just one), for the past 40 years at least - in many respects just like China!

    Posted by vegandelight on 16 Jun 2020

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    Cannot agree with you re China. We relied too heavily on their purchasing goods and services and not keeping our own manufacturing companies, diversifying trading partners etc. and now China is stopping some of those areas of trade and our economy will suffer until we find other trading partners and bring back our manufacturing companies to our shores. Big business wanted more and more profit and looked to China and other Asian nations where the cost of workers etc. was much cheaper and it has come back to bite everyone. As for shutting everything down due to the covid-19 virus. What would you have advocated. Everything stay open and people die like they are doing around the world in their 1000's daily. I think Qld. needs it's borders to stay closed. Vic and NSW are still having outbreaks and as everyone can see it only takes one infected person to set it all off again. I do not agree with the doubling of the job seeker allowance. Maybe an extra $100 a week but not doubling. The covid-19 did not make any difference to their living situation. My son lost his job due to the virus and has not received any money and he has a mortgage and everything that goes with it. His life is greatly affected as has many others who actually had jobs. I am of the older generation but in my youth we worked, paid board, bought our own clothes etc. We took responsibility for ourselves. This younger generation is all about them and want they think they are entitled to. I am generalising as there are many great young people but how many times do we hear about the drugs, the fights, the gangs, parents complaining about their attitudes. All too often. I disagree they despise handouts. Look at the lines at the dole office pre virus. We are nothing like China. We can at least vote our leaders in and out and we can protest.

    Posted by coaster on 18 Jun 2020

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    I guess you'd be old enough to recall, so let's see if memory serves correctly. Do you recall how Australia, somehow, managed under the Whitlam Government, in a moment of completely contradicting Old Labor ideology that would have had Curtain & Chiffley turning in their graves, to begin shutting down the auto industry here (Holden) as well as the clothing & textile industries? That had nothing to do with China whom we were not really trading with at the time. All tariffs were lifted & a wave of cheap Japanese imports flooded local markets - with really damn good air conditioning in many models, I must admit. Even in the 1980's we were still not really trading with China, but a whole heap of cheap manufactured goods from Taiwan & Hong Kong flooded our markets. Policies of Protectionism which safe-guarded local industries for decades were shoved aside in favour of "globalization" policies to make local industries more competitive & give consumers more variety at cheaper prices... do you recall that argument? Paul Keating's "Banana Republic" argument held sway & our Publicly Owned bank was privatized, much to PJK's personal profit. Banks refused family farmers, small businesses & heavy industry life-saving credit, extensions & the like in favour of hungrily acquiring mortgage securities. The Federal Government under PM Menzies dismantled the powers of the Old Commonwealth Bank starting in 1959 & stopped all Government funded infrastructure projects for growing this country & improving the Living Standards of the people here. This imperialist agenda all has nothing to do with China. It is entirely British! Furthermore, the withdrawal of Chinese manufactured goods is not what I was referring to initially. That'd be a much slower process than what we're experiencing here now. our biggest money-spinners here in SA are Education & Tourism, of which China contributes substantially. Immediately, China responded to the very bad agenda-driven news article by Andrew Tillet in the AFR which completely took out of context his interview with our Chinese Ambassador, the full manuscript of which can be seen on our Chinese Embassy's website. So we have seen the sudden withdrawal - overnight almost - of students from doing their triple doctrinates (or whatever) & a total shutdown or tourism - probably never to return due to the Federal Government's poor handling of the situation. Whether the shutdown was right or wrong doesn't matter so much as the compensation given to All the workers affected. For all our frequently boasted "high standards" in medicine, we have very poor testing & both infections & deaths have been wrongfully attributed since this all began. Overall, there have actually been fewer deaths worldwide from all causes due to this lock-down. I guess you have heard of the great Political Consensus that truely began full tilt in the 1980's, as you can tell from reading John Howard's autobiography when he boasts of his time in "Opposition" that the most frequent visitor to his office was Paul Keating & Howard there & then took credit for all of "his" policies implemented by PJK. All three major parties here are actually "one" in their collectively agreed policies. We can protest & vote as much as we like, but in the end you get the same results whichever way you turn. China for the past 40+ years has been implementing The American System, much better than we did when we implemented it full tilt during WW2, & certainly much better than America has been doing for a long time (& is now more imperialist than it cares to admit). Even the Chinese people can vote & take surveys that are heeded on every topic from rubbish collection to bus services. Their government gains its merit from acting for the benefit of its people.

    Posted by vegandelight on 19 Jun 2020

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    I used to say lazy and now I say a lot are confused. They get minimal help if at all and it's really hard to get your foot in the door and gain experience when you're not covered by insurance of a course or something. So I guess I have changed my tune somewhat. You are always going to get those that rout the system as well.

    Posted by Zanniee on 16 Jun 2020

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    In all generations of this age bracket negative aspertions have been cast upon them by usually older generations. No doubt some Millennials are lazy, self centred ,digitally addicted and selfish but there are many more who are great people who earn their way. The problem in our soft society is that the justice system and woke political correctness causes marginal and small self interest groups to have far more influence than should occur. The gutless and self serving media is mainly to blame for that can chuck the odd Pollie in that group too !!

    Posted by mact on 15 Jun 2020

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    The millenials that i have come across appear lazy or perhaps apprehensive in choosing a career . However despite the virus and the safety net , They don't seem to want to further their education , even if it's a stream that they originally did not give thought to . At the age they are , i was in the same boat , though not receiving any governmental benefits , i chose an area that i never considered or was particularly interested , but i came across an opportunity to switch mid stream , as i was already registered in college . Since then i have continually studied in other areas , as a backstop to further my qualifications which i find impressive on my CV , not so much the qualification but the fact that i continually further my personal development . I find the millenials don't have that drive , perhaps they are just optimistically cautious . I'm not trying to denigrate the millenials , but the world has changed in many ways , politically , economically not only in trade , labour , currency , refugees , warfare , crime , fraud , technology , energy , climate , natural disasters , racial divides , unrest and anarchy . Who would want to be a millenial ? But we need educated young people to take on the demands that are required to be firm to continue our freedom and democracy . We are seeing more and more a push to a totalitarian world !

    Posted by robert on 15 Jun 2020

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    Not all Millennials are lazy, I know several who work hard and are a benefit to society, however the majority appear to be self entitled and think they are the centre of the universe and they are owed a living. Bad manners and a lack of respect for anything and anyone are the norm and they seem to think that putting anything they want on to plastic and running up massive debts that they can't afford to repay is OK. It's scary to think that soon the world will be ruled by Millennials, it'll be a bigger mess than it is now.

    Posted by ere on 18 Jun 2020

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