Are Contact Sports for Kids Safe?

Playing team sports at school is normal for most Aussie kids but contact sports like football, basketball and wrestling can sometimes be dangerous. Should kids under the age of 18 be allowed to play contact sports? There has been a large amount of research into the long term impact of repeated head trauma but should that mean no contact sports for kids? What do you think LiveTribers?

Posted by on 21 Oct 2019

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    this kind of attitude is what made world today, making sissies out of children, let them play any sport they want please, too much gaming as it is!!!!!

    Posted by Kristi-Anne on 07 Jan 2020

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    Sports has more pluses for it than minuses and if safety precautions are in place these will be minimised but a kid can hurt themselves anywhere and most accidents happen in the home. Sports teach kids so many social skills. physical skills, team work etc.

    Posted by coaster on 16 Dec 2019

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    If the child enjoys that sport then its ok. there is alot more safety rules in sports now. end of the day its the parents choice if they feel the contact sport is ok for the children. My son plays football and has had a few hard knocks but they take them off to check and then back on if all ok.

    Posted by Tanya on 23 Nov 2019

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    My answer in no! I know that some enjoy the rough and tumble of sports. For children it should be fun, inclusiveness and above all safe.

    Posted by Karen on 22 Nov 2019

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    Harden up..

    Posted by intrepidarts on 14 Nov 2019

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    I think team sports are a very important part of growing up and learning to get along with other children. They learn that their way is not always the best way and working together as a team will bring camaraderie and make new friends. I do think that not only children but all players of contact sports should wear protective headgear as research does show that frequent head trauma does cause various medical problems in later life. I believe children still need to play sport to stay fit and active and continue to grow and be happy.

    Posted by Lyn on 31 Oct 2019

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    As a basketball coach I can say without hesitation. If you think basketball is a contact sport your not doing it right. Kids who play these sports learn more teamwork, problem solving as in interpersonal problems. Studies have shown that being active during the school day shows a higher level of retention and also mental health. Yes injuries are a part of sport but crashes are a part of driving. I've never met a parent who regrets having their kids fit and healthy. I've met plenty of parents and kids regret not being active and living overly sedetry lifestyles with consequences like obesity, isolation, depression, diabetes. Yes those are the extremes but calling sports unsafe is also an extreme. We can't wrap kids in cotton wool because getting hurt is part of life and rehabbing from physical injuries is a great opportunity for adults to teach kids how to take the time to get better from other pain in life in a healthy and helpful way. Turn the negative into a positive. The badly sprained ankle or torn ACL into a lesson or bouncing back from adversity stronger. If we don't let kids learn these lessons they get afraid of the challenge and shy away from anything that might cause pain or difficulty and miss out on the amazing upsides

    Posted by Carlos on 27 Oct 2019

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    They all should have a serious medical as too many are having heart attacks and should all be tested after a head injury. Proper safety/protection gear should always be used.

    Posted by Gerry19 on 27 Oct 2019

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    Kids have always played contact sports and it's ok with the correct supervision .I am a grandmother now but I still rember some of the best times of my life

    Posted by Michelle on 27 Oct 2019

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    Oh it’s fine!

    Posted by Jacqueline on 27 Oct 2019

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    it depends on the player

    Posted by Gael on 26 Oct 2019

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    It is good for development and discipline in one way but yes safety has to be reassured with young children

    Posted by susana on 25 Oct 2019

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    Yes, but safely, but these sports are necessary for the development

    Posted by Gabicortez on 24 Oct 2019

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    not suitable because have to meet age required for contact sports

    Posted by ibrahim on 23 Oct 2019

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    What's considered a contact sport? And if kids can't be taught appropriate boundaries at school when can they be? Turning rugby or footy to touch rules and actually adhering to the rules of basketball is a solution I think suits all age groups. What do you think?

    Posted by Carlos on 27 Oct 2019

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    I think yes! :)

    Posted by Kateyyy on 23 Oct 2019

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    Provided the children wear all necessary safety equipment, e.g. helmets, etc. and the sports are well supervised, I see no reason for contact sports to be banned for all children under 18. I would be hesitant to allow very young children to play contact sports though, as their bones are probably still very soft and I imagine they would very easily be injured.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 23 Oct 2019

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    Why not? I've not seen an argument as to why except the original which simply says they can be dangerous. But no follow up or supporting statements

    Posted by Carlos on 27 Oct 2019

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    We need to be healthy and need to have fun. Live tribers ask good questions

    Posted by Leah on 21 Oct 2019

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