Are Australian House Prices Increasing At An Unsustainable Rate?

House prices are soaring in Australia’s state capitals as all-time low interest rates and a lack of properties on the market drive up valuations. Several cities have seen record prices for the third quarter in a row according to a report by real estate site Domain. It has been said that Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin have seen property values rise by over 20% in the last year. Experts warn the increases are “unsustainable” as property becomes unaffordable to many. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Are Australian house prices increasing at an unsustainable rate?

Posted by on 11 Aug 2021

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    Boom and bust time. Great to buy on the low and sell on the high but not everyone can do that and the ones buying on the high now might come undone big time. Seen it before.

    Posted by coaster on 04 Sep 2021

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    As long as weak and greedy politicians of most persuasions along with wealthy public servants continue to take advantage of negative gearing,the 50%discount on capital gains tax and lack of public housing investment then nothing will change. And the children and thus inheritors of babyboomers who have been the major winners of real estate gain will continue the cycle and keep poorer people from ever being able to purchase a modest home.!

    Posted by mact on 11 Aug 2021

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    You know I am not rich and at 71 I have a mortgage still and I know many so called baby boomers doing it tough and I am sick of people always saying how mean we are as we won't sell our homes so the younger generation can take over. Our generation worked hard and surely we have the right to live in our homes which we saved and went without to afford. Yes there are some rich ones but again due to their work ethic and sometimes inheritance. Yes some of their kids will inherit a good amount of money although not quick enough for some. House prices have been pushed up by overseas investors or people coming to our country for a better life who have the finances to out bid others. I have seen it so often. I agree there are certain elements of our society who are reaping very large benefits and have huge disgusting salaries in the millions plus perks and bonuses but the majority of people are still the mainstay of our society. They battle on as they have for generations trying to have a decent life. It is not just politicians and public servants but big business/corporations/banks etc. CEO's that are reaping the benefits of the hard working Aussies.

    Posted by coaster on 12 Aug 2021

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