Are Australia’s Migrant Small Businesses The Key To Our Economic And Social Recovery?

With a long Covid-19 recovery ahead, migrant-run small businesses can lead the way. Australia has long considered small businesses to be its backbone – not only of the economy, but of the people who drive it. Every Australian has a story about a local business that matters to them, whether it’s the corner store with the best hot chips, the cafe owner who knows them by name or the local bank branch that sponsors their child’s fundraiser. Small businesses contributed almost $418bn in 2018-19 (which equates to 32% of the total economy) and employed 41% of the business workforce, driving connections, new jobs and community spirit. As we look to our future beyond Covid-19, they will continue to play a significant role. This time in our recovery. What do you think LiveTribers, are Australia’s migrant small businesses the key to our Economic and Social Recovery?

Posted by on 09 Jul 2021

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    All well managed and successful businesses are critical to our future well being. Most small businesses fail within 2 yrs and would include many migrant businesses. Its becoming obvious as Dick Smith correctly observes.....population control is the key NOT poorly governed migration .!

    Posted by mact on 11 Jul 2021

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    GST and other taxes in Australia are not a viable and stable income with population boom and forced closures of states creates scare minded buying n generates quick response wealth management but not enough to drive n flourish or heal our country. Implementation. immediately we need to change procedures, develope and adapt new ways of revenue raising. solid products rather than tarrifying our countrymen. Future n inavative tech. Marketing our land and services for new assembly manufacturing. China migration policy. Perfect scenario about meeting nation commitments and future prosperitys. That's what's left us in this mess. Unify Australia. Bring the criminal network and the working man to the same table to feast together. Then we are on the same page of the book that we are rewriting. Work on dillagencey, networking and our trading partners aliences. Sell our stock of goods at a reduced price but more output. Raise iron ore instantly. Products like woolnut milk.babies formula. Graphene, marijuana, n so on

    Posted by David on 09 Jul 2021

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    Why just mention migrant small businesses? All small businesses are important to Australia's economy. Many small business are Australian owned and run. At least the Australian ones don't send money 'back home' every month to the families they left behind.

    Posted by ere on 21 Jul 2021

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