Should we broadcast sports stars public lives?

Professional sports players are no longer just in the spotlight for their talent and hard work. With the rise of the celebrity phenomenon, sports stars now have their public lives broadcast and judged by the media almost daily. Do you think that it is fair that these sports stars now have to consider their positions as role models when all they wanted to do was play sport professionally?

Posted by on 02 Dec 2016

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    No i do not agree if they publish everything about them. They some time for themselves. They already do so much for our Country.

    Posted by Elizabeth on 03 Jan 2017

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    No it is just like the sex lives of the actors Who cares there are much more important issues to discuss

    Posted by socker on 15 Dec 2016

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    top at

    No I don't think we should be privy to sport stars private is to much to put on them..they are sports stars not saints...

    Posted by top at on 10 Dec 2016

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    As much as they don't necessarily plan to be role models when they become elite athletes, in our society they are seen to beunfortunately. It is because we put so much emphasis on sporting prowess mote than academic or vocational talents.

    Posted by Julie on 04 Dec 2016

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    They are viewed as role models & so must live up to the standard; the highest noble standards they are capable of. Others do, so all should live up to the standard, if not exceed it. There should be dire consequences for publishing false reports. Drugs & alcohol must be banned from sports & sportspeople in their lives at all times. Gambling should be penalised & socially frowned upon. There should be more focus on participation; less upon winning. I long for the days when INDEPENDENT media are pre-occupied with reporting on the latest government infrastructure building projects & their progress instead of the rot & filth that has plagued OWNED media for a generation or two.

    Posted by vegandelight on 04 Dec 2016

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    The media and others need to calm down. The players need some privacy. Non players and non celebrities get privacy so why cant them.

    Posted by RebekahDutch on 03 Dec 2016

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    Give them a break. They need some privacy.

    Posted by Mavis on 03 Dec 2016

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