Foxtel vs Netflix

Foxtel and Netflix are the biggest entertainment subscriptions in Australia today. The main differences are that Netflix places an emphasis on TV shows and not to mention their latest feature of downloading content to watch at a later time using no data. While Foxtel provides the latest movies, exclusive live sports and LIVE pause, rewind & play. Although both services seem to offer great value for content, what do you prefer? What are you experiences with paid television?

Posted by on 05 Dec 2016

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    Netflix ALLL the way becuase new movies always come in and all of your favourite movie are on there and you can put it on to phone iPad etc it's the best.

    Posted by Maria on 24 Feb 2017

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    We have never watched paid tv however if we do we will choose the sport option. We love sport. We cannot afford it because I am ill and on unpaid leave.

    Posted by Elizabeth on 03 Jan 2017

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    I never watch paid television.judt not interested in it. HAve all I want on foxtel

    Posted by Edith on 02 Jan 2017

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    Yes I have foxtel and am very happy with it

    Posted by Edith on 02 Jan 2017

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    I think Foxtel is the better of the 2. More movies to watch.

    Posted by Gayl on 26 Dec 2016

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    Both Foxtel and Netflix has its own advantages and fare share of disadvantages. Foxtel has more varieties of films showcased but costs more to subscribe. Netflix (Aus) is limited in movies and TV shows but costs a fraction of subscription price. Both Foxtel and Netflix, allows you to watch movies and tv shows on devices such as iPads, iPhones and tablets. With Netflix you can still watch movies and tv shows from overseas (if you're in that country) without registering anew, also you can watch movies and TVs shows available in that region.

    Posted by Lilia on 13 Dec 2016

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    Netflix hands down, you have a variety, unlike Foxtel who are over priced, have that many repeats of the same show & not to mention you have to have the package that has heaps of channels you would never watch. Until they offer some thing like pick 10 channels that you want & only pat 10 - 12 dollars i would not even look at them

    Posted by Acid-Rain on 14 Dec 2016

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    Broom Broom

    I personally prefer Netflix. It has a great variety if TV shows and movies you can view at any time over many different devices at only a fraction of the cost of foxtel. Netflix makes it easier to binge watch my favorite TV shows anytime and anywhere

    Posted by Broom Broom on 12 Dec 2016

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    I prefer Netflix because foxtel is getting old

    Posted by Adrain on 12 Dec 2016

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    I like Netflix, I have never really use foxtel and I dont like it much!

    Posted by Dex on 11 Dec 2016

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    Foxtel is way better. Australian Netflix has such a limited variety and doesn't have anything new. Youre better of paying some more money...

    Posted by Yolo22 on 10 Dec 2016

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    what have foxtel that have over priced packages that have about 1/2 to 3/4 of programs you would never watch. Oh not to mention all the repeats of the same show month after month NO Way

    Posted by Acid-Rain on 14 Dec 2016

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    I prefer Netflix because, although you can pause, rewind, etc. with Foxtel, you still have to wait for certain times for shows. Also watching online uses more data than downloading and watching later. Furthermore, Netflix can be used on multiple devices with the same account, e.g. desktop computer, laptop, tablet, instead of just watching on your TV, so you can get a subscription for the family and not have them fighting over what to watch.

    Posted by Nibimbi on 09 Dec 2016

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    I personally would prefer Netflix, mainly because you can watch any movie at any time and it's great for younger kids as there is a different range of rated movies

    Posted by Kiarna on 09 Dec 2016

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    I recently changed from Foxtel to Netflix and count it as one of the best decisions of my adult life. It's a fraction of the cost, the library is SO MUCH larger, the convenience of watching what you want and when (let's be honest: to all those that talk about the recordability of Foxtel, no, too often programmes would have their endings cut even with extensions added)... All great. Also, and I understand this mayn't help everyone, but I travel abroad a lot, so having access to my streaming when away is a huge pro for me. Also, Netflix has just added Downloads, so I can now use Netflix on the plane without wifi. Again, not on Foxtel. Lastly, not that one needs it that often, but Netflix customer service are always available and friendly - no queues (including phone and webchat) and they answer all questions simply. The only downside is a slight delay in when movies are available compared to Foxtel, but it's really not a huge difference from what I can tell.

    Posted by lucd13 on 09 Dec 2016

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    I prefer Netflixs as you you have all the latest shows and movies; but in Foxtel you have to pay for movies you want to see but Netflix excepts none of that.

    Posted by Maruva on 07 Dec 2016

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    Is either worth it? It looks as if from the comments already posted, that there are too many ads on Foxtel. We had Foxtel some time ago, but cancelled it as we did not use it as much as we thought. We have also had Netflix, but cancelled that too, because we couldn't really find much that we wanted to watch. If we cannot find anything to watch on free to air TV, we normally watch a DVD.

    Posted by Kay on 07 Dec 2016

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    We recently swapped from Foxtel to Netflix. We felt that in many occasions Foxtel was repeating our already watched shows/movies and should go with Netflix for more variety. What a disappointment. Very limited and are now using other sites to get material from. Netflix very rarely add new items and only have more recent than older content. At least with Foxtel it was easier to flick through and see what was watchable and there's more variety.

    Posted by Aeron on 07 Dec 2016

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    to many ads on Foxtel I much prefer Netfix

    Posted by Dianne on 06 Dec 2016

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    Big companies in the race to provide the best viewing experiences for us all. How much do we pay for this viewing and which is the better of the two. Individual taste is this at the forefront???

    Posted by ShepBos on 05 Dec 2016

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    I have both, plus presto, they are equally good as per my watching genres, each one has something the other does not offer.

    Posted by Miffy on 05 Dec 2016

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