Expensive time of the year

Black Friday sales over the weekend and four weeks till Christmas, it's beginning to feel a lot like the most expensive time of year. It is estimated that Australians will spend $8.8 billion during the Christmas period. During the next few weeks how do you prefer to shop? Perhaps online or camping out for extreme sales. Any strategies to avoid over spending?

Posted by on 28 Nov 2016

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    Yes it is very expensive. Special with school stationary school clothes school shoes and school camps. Wish everything did not work with money. And with me being ill and on unpaid sick leave for 2 years it is not easy we need a lot of help.

    Posted by Elizabeth on 03 Jan 2017

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    We don't buy anything unless we actually need it. We don't wait for sales, but buy at the exact time we need it.

    Posted by vegandelight on 04 Dec 2016

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    We have a regular/weekly income and we work on the theory that after all expenses or outgoings are accounted for there invariably is an amount which we then use for gifts and Christmas lunch. Our families visit each other for Christmas and bring a small contribution for the fare. Things to consider could be a plum pudding, Christmas cake, soft drinks, a bottle of wine or a dozen stubbies to share around. When we follow these options we still have a clear credit which is then available for any shortfalls during this happy and cheerful time year. Cheers "86"

    Posted by Max on 01 Dec 2016

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    strategies to save cash 1) Avoid using credit cards, get the cash you need out of the bank and keep credit card use to a minimum (avoid using them completely if you can). When you look in your wallet it is pretty clear how much you spend. When you use credit cards it is easy to spend more than you have. 2) Keep your credit card in credit or use a debit card. You won't earn any interest if your credit card is in credit, but you wont have to pay interest either. You'll still have the facility of available credit for an unexpected expense. 3) Keep your credit card limit low. Having a high credit limit on a credit card does not mean you are rich, it just means the Bank is happy for you to be in debt, and is prepared to wait for you to pay them back with interest. 4) Beware of bonus points and bargains you don't need. It's not a bargain if it never gets used, or if it sits in the cupboard because you have a years supply going stale. 5) If you are going to use something a lot, consider buying a higher priced better quality item if you can see it's worth the extra cost.

    Posted by super88 on 29 Nov 2016

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