Australian Open

Australia is chronologically the first to kick off the Grand slam event of the year. Are you a fan of this event? If so let us know who your favourite player of all time is. Whether they are Aussie or internationals players, we want to know!

Posted by on 09 Jan 2017

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    John McEnroe......he was always entertaining, correct at least 98% of the time and had sublime skills that only Laver could match. Roger Federer comes close to those 2 in the skill department, but both McEnroe and Laver were are a full class above Roger.........would be interesting to see them play each other at their peek, and both using standard wooden racquets with standard special racquets with "special" strings needed. They both did it with old fashioned racquets and strings.

    Posted by Kent on 11 Jan 2017

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    Pat Cash because he never see more to fly of the cap and is a gentleman donna

    Posted by Donna on 11 Jan 2017

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    I am not really a tennis fan, but think that Roger Federer is a really great sportsman and gentleman. He is always good natured and honest and appears to have a very kind heart.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 10 Jan 2017

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