LiveTribe Noble Causes

The Road to Awesome Starts Here

Most people dream of a better world. A changemaker is one who wakes up and does something to see a better world.

Do you want to be like most people? Or do you want to belong to a group of driven individuals dedicated to changing the world?

If you’re the latter, then you are in the same boat as the rest of the members of LiveTribe, who willingly take from their earnings and donate it to those in dire need.

With the Noble Causes initiative, we give our members the opportunity to be selfless by donating to their chosen local charity. It’s a cause powered by the community for the community.

Currently Raising Funds For: Safe Pets Safe Families

Introducing our latest Noble Cause... Safe Pets Safe Families! Safe Pets = Safe Families is a registered Charity servicing the Australian community with front line crisis foster and vet care services, ongoing support and developing intervention programs to stop the cycle of violence" Share this with your family and friends and ask them to join Live Tribe so they can donate as well!

Charities We’ve Supported


“Our Mission is to prevent blindness and vision loss among regional, remote and Indigenous Western Australian’s by improving access to quality eye health care services. We believe that all Australians should be able to access comprehensive and appropriate eye health care services irrespective of where they may live”.


Founded by Jen Armstrong back in 2013 after she herself had left a place of domestic violence and received a small gift of body wash. In their own words:

“The Beauty Bank is a registered charity that provides those who have left a place of domestic violence or other hardship situation with an amazing array of essential toiletries and small gift items packed in a useful bag.  The majority of our requests are for assistance for women, but we are also able to offer men and older teenagers  the little luxuries in life that most of us take for granted.”


Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale of Hay campaign works closely not only to provide struggling farmers with fodder for their cattle but also to give food hampers and gift cards for farming families so there’s always food on their table as well. So, to give you a better idea where your donation goes to:

  5 x $20 bales (feeds one cow for one week)

  $60 buys 3 x $20 gift cards to help put food on the table

$100 buys a large bale of hay

                Hampers – Every $52.50 buys a hamper for a farmer through their local supermarket

The reality of homeless hygiene became clear to Josh Wilkins that day. “I thought homelessness was an old man on a park bench with a brown paper bag, an alcoholic. And I was so wrong,” he told us. He then started One Voice, the first mobile shower service and laundry van in Australia. One Voice is out to restore dignity and hope to the homeless men, women, and children across the country by providing practical human services and opportunities to these people that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.