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Struggling with procrastination? Wondering why you always seem to have no time? Have no fear! LiveTribe is here to give you our top tips on how to manage your time! We’ve all been there, those days where we feel like we have so many tasks and not enough time or when we feel like all our time has gone to waste! And often we can forget that one of the most valuable things in life is our time, it’s something that we can never get back. But don’t worry, this week we have some of our top times on your to manage your time more efficiently!

Set Some Goals

Setting goals is often something we easily overlook and undervalue, however setting realistic and achievable goals are so helpful when learning to manage your time. When completing tasks or activities throughout the day, ask yourself, is this helping me work towards my goal? If not, it could be a time waster. Remember to set smaller goals which can be accomplished, this will help you feel less discouraged and more productive!

top tips on how to manage your time


Often, we choose to do tasks which may not be as important. Arrange your tasks in order of importance. Don’t leave something important too long before it gets critical! For example, washing your clothes, leave it long enough and before you know it you’ll have no clean clothes! So ensure you categorise your tasks to most important to least important so that you can work your way to completing each task efficiently.

top tips on how to manage your time

Remove distractions

One of the biggest killers of time is distractions, that could be scrolling too long on social media, watching too many episodes of your favourite TV series, or just simply doing things that will take you away from completing important tasks. So start practising self-control, which could mean turning off your phone or TV and focusing on what you need to do.

top tips on how to manage your time

Learn to say no

Sometimes you just have to say no. There are times where life can get overwhelming and you need to focus on what’s important. Whenever a new task or opportunity comes along, take time to think whether this is helping you work towards your goals and if it’s necessary, if not learn to say no. This will not only help you focus on what’s important but also take care of yourself so you don’t get too stressed or overwhelmed. Here’s an amazing Ted Talk about the art of saying no. 


LiveTriber’s has this helped you organise your time better? What are your top tips on time management? Comment down below.

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