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Every few years, technology advances to the point where it makes a meaningful and lasting impact on our society. One of the best examples of this idea in action is 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s iPhone to the world. It’s hard to imagine an age where we weren’t constantly connected to one another via a powerful little supercomputer that we carry around in our pockets all day long, but it was real – and it was just over a decade ago.

2019 is certainly shaping up to be another one of those years, in more ways than one. In fact, there are a number of key technological innovations that are just on the horizon that have the potential to bring about incredible and positive change for us all.

The Continued Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Although AI is hardly a new concept, there are technicians all over the world breaking new ground as we speak. 2019 looks to be the year where AI is officially ready for prime time, with empowered projects across nearly every type of business you can think of.

  • By as soon as 2023, for example, there will be a massive 80% reduction in the number of missing people around the world compared to 2019 due to advancements in artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

  • By the same year, emergency department visits will be reduced by 20 million people around the world thanks to the ways that chronically ill patients will be able to enrol in AI-enhanced virtual care.

All of this will be possible thanks to the innovation that will be taking place between now and the end of next year.

Digital Twins Are Upon Us

The concept of the digital twin may sound like something out of science fiction – but it is real and it is here. A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical thing – be it a process, a place, a system, a device or even a person. These twins use AI, machine learning, and software analytics that allow them to update and change as their counterparts do the same.

These digital twins will be able to help us describe and explain certain things taking place in our society, and also simulate potential future events, predict new ways to mitigate risk from something like a natural disaster and even anticipate behaviour within people or population groups. In the healthcare industry alone, this could help improve medical health, sports and even education by applying the principles of healthcare in a more patient-centric, data-driven way.

Other Major Developments to Watch For in the New Year

There are a number of other breakthroughs about to happen, too, including:

  • The world’s largest offshore wind farm will be completed.

  • NASA will finish its UTM or “Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management” solution, which means better-managed drone traffic globally.

  • Nearly 6 million electric vehicles will be operating around the world.

  • 5G compatible laptops will finally arrive for commercial users, making it possible for people to be connected in more places than ever before.

  • And many others.

Any one of these on their own would be cause for celebration. Taken together, it’s clear that 2019 is definitely going to be one for the record books – at least as far as technology is concerned.

Let’s Revolutionise 2019, Together

These are just a few key examples of the technological innovations that stand poised to enact positive, meaningful change in 2019 and beyond – and they certainly won’t be the last. But at the same time, we must also acknowledge that we can’t let the tech world do all of the work for us. Only by coming together and by making progress a priority every single day will we be able to truly make things better for all of us from here on out.

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