myths and misconceptions

Most of us grew up being told certain myths and misconceptions, whether they are passed down from our parents or someone we know. For example, eating carrots will improve eye sight or the saying ‘if the wind changes, your face will stay like that!’ However, the reality is some (if not all) of these notions […]


For some of us, keeping a healthy lifestyle is a breeze, but for the rest of us, trying to eat healthy and exercise can be a pain! At the end of the day our health is one of the most important things in life and it’s vital that we love and take care of our […]

We all know the classic tales of Disney characters such as Cinderella, The Lion King and many more. But did you know that these stories have a much darker origin story? On this week’s blog we’re share the real stories behind your favourite Disney tales! The Little Mermaid We all know the story of the […]

We all need sleep. It’s a time for rest and a way to re-energise our bodies. However, some of us sleep more than we need and some of us don’t sleep enough! In fact, it can be unhealthy to sleep too much or too little. In today’s post, we ask the question, are YOU getting […]

Procrastination. We’re all victims to it. Whether we’re avoiding work, cleaning the house, cooking dinner or even just putting our things away. Procrastination is an inevitable part of our human nature. But what if we could fix it? I mean we’ve all been told to just ‘GET UP AND DO IT!’ but what if we […]