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“I know that there are problems in the world… but I’m only one person. How much of a difference can one person really make?”

At some point, we’ve all said some variation of the above. When you wake up in the morning, turn on the television or open the newspaper and read about the myriad of different issues facing the entire world, it’s understandable for everything to seem dire. Insurmountable. You want to help, but you don’t see a way to do just that. After all, you’re only one person.

That mentality – that myth – is exactly the type of idea that One Voice was designed to fight.

Originally founded in 2014, One Voice offered the first mobile shower service and laundry van. But even more than personal hygiene, One Voice aims to restore dignity and hope to the homeless men, women and children across the country. The organisation wants to provide practical human services and opportunities to these people that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to – and it depends on people just like you in order to do it.

So how much power does one voice actually have? The answer is, as it turns out, “quite a lot.”

Australia’s Homeless Population: Facts and Figures

Though you may not realise it, homelessness is a major problem facing Australia today. Right now, there are 105,000 people living on the streets. 28,000 of them are under the age of 24. A massive (and unforgivable) 17,850 of them are children under the age of 12 years old.

In fact, children are the “single largest group seeking support” out of a population that already desperately needs our help. And “help” is precisely what One Voice wants to do. 

The Power of Your Voice Knows No Limits

Whenever you dedicate yourself to a cause – be it homelessness or any other issue where you feel compelled to contribute – it’s always critical to consider A) who you are helping, and B) where any money that you donate will actually go.

One Voice wouldn’t exist without the charitable contributions of people like you, but its efforts also extend far beyond the aforementioned mobile showers and laundry vans. The organisation also recently established Elevate, a “Life Restoration Housing Community,” which also depends on the kindness of individuals all working together to accomplish something much more powerful in tandem than any of them could have ever dreamed of on their own.

When you give money to an organisation like One Voice to support projects like Elevate, you’re doing more than just donating what you’re able to spare. You’re empowering a critical organisation that will have an immeasurable impact on countless people for years to come.

Other Ways You Can Help

There are other ways that you can help organisations like One Voice address homelessness in Australia, too. In addition to donating to the organisation directly, you can help by buying spring water, profits from which go back into helping One Voice.

But in the end, it is of critical importance that you never assume that one person can’t make a tremendous impact or generate incredible change on society.

How LiveTribe Members Have Contributed

Here at LiveTribe, our members (also known as Changemakers) complete surveys for points which can be redeemed for money or can be donated to the current Noble Cause. In support of One Voice, our current Noble Cause, there have been a total of 679 separate donations from 429 unique members.

One male member donated all of his 37,060 points in March this year, while another member donated all of her 27,740 points – accumulated since November 2017. Another thirteen members donated over 10,000 points each.

Overall, LiveTribe community members have raised $2207 to support One Voice, as of July 4th.

You can help too, become a Changemaker today and start making a difference.

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