Exercise, you either love it or you hate it. It’s something that we know we need to do but often it can be the most dreaded activity. Fortunately, LiveTribe is here to help! On this week’s blog, we share 4 easy ways to enjoy exercise!

Choose workouts you love

Many of us see exercise as the worse thing in the world and we don’t blame you! From the sweating to the huffing and puffing, it isn’t the most enjoyable activity. But often its because we’re doing workouts that just aren’t enjoyable. Don’t force yourself to do a work out you hate, if you despise push ups, then simply don’t do it. Swap it out for something you will enjoy, like dancing, swimming, rocking climbing. Choose activities that will stimulate your body and your brain! Here’s an awesome video of a fun and easy to do workout that you can do at home! 


Swap the escalator for the stairs

As we grow older, our physical activity reduces. Rather than running around, we’re stuck in an office, often doing little to no movement during the day. So, at every opportunity take the stairs or the longer route! This mean sacrificing a little time, but trust us it makes a difference! Each day aim to take around 10,000 steps. This will help you get a light workout in without even working out!


Find a workout a buddy

Motivation can be the hardest thing when talking about exercise. Often the biggest thing that prevents us from working out is our own mind! So find a work out buddy, whether it’s a friend, work mate or even a personal trainer! Find someone who will support, encourage and even challenge you to be the best version of yourself. It will also make the work out more fun and enjoyable.


Join a class

Exercise isn’t just the gym! There are so many new and exciting ways to get a workout in, whether that’s cycling class, Zumba, aerobics or swimming, there is a class for everything! So, find something that peaks your interest and join. It will help you keep motivated when surrounded by people who are also on a fitness journey.

So LiveTriber’s, do you enjoy exercise? How many hours do you work out a week? What are your work out tips? Let us know in the comments!

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