Yesterday was a big day for LiveTribe, being our second #LTNobleCauses day! We had the great opportunity to visit “Paws for Thought” Rescue HQ to present them with $1,500 which was raised by our amazing members through the Noble Causes scheme. Greeting us at the door was the lovely and enthusiastic Marika, or ‘Mrs. PFT’ […]

We were so excited to kick off our #NobleCauses in December, when we visited the not-for-profit Care for the Coast. We’ve spent the last month going through our member cause suggestions, and we have finally selected our second Noble Cause! Paws for Thought is a small Sydney-based rescue group that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes abandoned dogs.The […]

Monday 21st December marked LiveTribe’s first official #NobleCauses day, with a small team visiting the recipients of our first donation, Care for the Coast! The community run, not-for-profit organisation helps out families and individuals in need on the NSW Central Coast. They provide anything from food hampers, toys for kids, to bedding and Christmas decorations. LiveTribe […]

Are you ready for more variety when it comes to your LiveTribe Rewards? We’ve partnered with GiftPay to provide you with new options for gift cards. We’re looking at bringing on the most options we’ve ever had here at LiveTribe! NEW voucher options via GiftPay include: Myer eGiftCard David Jones eGiftCard Coles e Gift Card […]

After countless nominations from around Australia and New Zealand, we’ve finally picked our first Noble Cause! Introducing Care for the Coast, a not for profit, community run organisation. Based on the NSW Central Coast, the group supports local people in need. They do this by providing every necessities, everything from toiletries, to food, and even […]


This week LiveTribe has launched changes to our redemption process. This to make the whole process more secure, ensuring that our members are getting rewarded correctly. The major change is that you will have to verify your account before you can redeem your points for any of our rewards. Throughout the LiveTribe website, on pages […]

We’re making some changes here at LiveTribe and the first one we want to announce is our new email templates for survey invitations! Your survey invites will now look like this, so remember to keep an eye out!

Those spare minutes could become spare cash! 1. CHANCES TO GIVE TO LOCAL CAUSES We Australian and New Zealanders love to help out those in need. If you’re feeling generous and want to give your points to a local cause that needs some love, Noble Causes will give you that opportunity. 2. YOU CAN WIN […]

Sydney House Median tops $1 million

It’s official, Sydney houses are now more expensive than buying a place in London. Last week it was reported that the house price median for Sydney had hit $1 million, which is a 22.9% rise over the past year. Currently, the median is $900,000 in London, but Sydney is still cheaper than New York ( […]


Shock news is coming out of Adelaide this morning with police reports detailing that Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh has been murdered in his home. Police were originally called to his home at 2AM where his body was found with multiple stab wounds. He died at the scene despite attempts by paramedics to revive him. […]


By now you might have heard about Belle Gibson and the fall of her ‘wellness empire’ The Whole Pantry. Gibson falsely claimed to have survived her terminal brain cancer by changing her diet and shunning traditional cancer treatments. She sold her alternative methods via a successful app and book, which made her an (almost) overnight […]


Time and time again communities on the internet are proving that their is kindness in the world by helping those who have been bullied. Three year old Samara’s case is no different. From Ballarat and of Aboriginal descent, Samara and her mother Rachel were attending a special snow day at a Melbourne shopping centre. Samara […]

Hide and Seek with Kids

Have you ever tried playing hide and seek with a kid? We love these attempts by kids to hide from their parents! We hope your weekend is filled with similarly fun times. All pictures from here.

Australian Girl taking on the Fashion

Meet Maddy, who is a testament to the philosophy ‘you can do anything if you set your mind to it.’   The teenager from Brisbane, Australia, was born with down syndrome. However, she is challenging societal views of her disability, wanting to show people how it is a gift. 18 months ago, Maddy cut out […]

You've Got A Friend In Me

How far would you go to help your friend get an education? Zhang Chi, a 19 year old from China, has muscular dystrophy, a disease which results in a progressive skeletal muscle weakness and potentially a shortened lifespan. In China, it is estimated that 243,000 school-age children with disabilities do not attend school. However, Zhang is very […]

Fired because of Facebook

Have you ever said something accidentally that you’re glad your boss didn’t hear? US single mother Kaitlyn Walls is certainly wishing this was the case in her story. Hours before she was about to start a new job at a local childcare centre she did what many of us would do – updated her Facebook […]


It’s a sad day when an animal is so close to extinction that it needs a police guard to ensure it’s safety. This is Sudan. At 40 years old he is now the last male North White Rhino in the world. Although his species has survived for 50 million years, there are now only 5 […]


It’s not everyday that you hear about a CEO taking a pay cut. Especially one worth nearly $1 million dollars. Meet Dan Price, the owner and CEO of credit card processor Gravity Payments. Price has made the bold move in cutting his $1 million salary to $70,000. So where is all that spare cash going? Straight […]


Ice (crystal meth) use is sky rocketing in Australia. Children as young as 10 are admitted to hospitals with the drug in their system. In some rural areas 1 in 10 people are using crystal meth because it is easily available and help is hard to get. Crime is rising as many of the addicts are […]

Stefanovic VS India (2)

Karl Stefanovic is well-known and loved for his larrikin antics, most recently acting out the iconic Pretty Woman scene with Today Show co-host Lisa Wilkinson. However, today he’s made some comments which even has some of his biggest fans shaking their heads. If you’re not a cricket fan, you’re forgiven for not knowing that the Cricket […]


Another day, another Australian politician is in the news for a poor choice of words. In Question Time yesterday afternoon Prime Minister Tony Abbott jokingly labelled Opposition Leader Bill Shorten the “Goebbels of economic policy.” For those of you unfamiliar with the intricacies of the Nazi regime, Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister for […]

The Saga Continues...

The Bali Nine saga has been making constant headlines in the past few weeks, with Andrew Chan and Muyran Sukumaran being transferred to ‘death island,’ where they currently await their execution. However it seems the negotiations between Australian and Indonesia have sunk to new lows. Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Tedjo […]


Have you ever read a story in the news and found yourself feeling very angry at the perpetrator, and sympathetic for the victim? Have you ever done anything about it? Katie Cutler, 21, has proved that a small act of kindness can change the story entirely. She read about the mugging of elderly disabled man […]


How far would you go to make your kids life less uncomfortable? English parents Adam and Tanya Phillips have recently got matching tattoos –identical to their 18 month old daughter’s birth mark. Honey-Rae has always had a large birth mark on the right side of her body – from her toes to her lower back. […]


Meet Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger. The unlikely trio have lived together almost since birth, and currently reside at the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia, USA since they were seized from a drug dealers home in 2001. Known as ‘BLT’ to their keepers, the animals have a […]


Australian money has always been something that we could be proud of on the world stage. Colourful, easy to identify, and PLASTIC. But the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) have announced that they are changing a feature of our bank notes, but don’t worry – it’s for a great reason. It all started with one […]


Public Transport has again come under scrutiny today after a video was published online showing a double amputee struggling to climb stairs at a train station. The station at Unanderra, just south of Wollongong in NSW, is only accessible via stairs, despite providing four disabled parking spaces and a wheelchair accessible toilet.  Bec Schmidt, a […]

50 Shades of No

The book sold over 100 million copies worldwide and now the movie adaptation is being heralded as of the most anticipated releases of this year. 50 Shades of Grey details the relationship between naïve college student Anastasia and wealthy business man Christian Grey who engage in (spoiler alert) a tonne of sex. The book became […]


It’s been announced this morning that Australia will be competing in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. No, this is not a joke, which several news outlets had to point out this morning when reporting on the development. This is really happening – check out this video. Australia has long had a fond relationship with Eurovision, […]

Liberal SPill

This past week has been tough for the Australian government, wrought with rumours of secret meetings and plans from backbenchers and even the Prime minister’s most trusted. Many are predicting another leadership spill is on the horizon. Although not the sole catalyst of the situation, Tony Abbott’s popularity hit new lows after his decision to […]

bali nine sentencing

The story of the Bali Nine is one that has been unfolding for almost a decade, but it looks like the story is almost complete for some of the members. Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, the two ringleaders of the operation, have both recently lost their pleas for clemency and have been sentenced to death […]


One of Australia’s most iconic symbols and major tourist draw cards has always been our abundance of beaches. They’re an essential part of the Australian lifestyle, and it is estimated that 4 out of 5 Australians live within 50kms of the coast. Because of our familiarity, most of us feel relatively safe on the beach. […]

The Gentleman's Game-

In every major sporting event it has become the norm to see an outburst or two; and it turns out the ‘Gentleman’s Game’ of cricket, is no different. Australian Cricketer David Warner has found himself in hot water after he told Indian Batsman Rohit Sharma to “speak English” at yesterday’s One Day International Tri-Series game […]

Diversity and the Oscars

Movie buffs around the globe have had much to talk about today with the Oscar nominations finally being announced. The Awards can never seem to avoid controversy, as always happens when large numbers of famous people are put into a room together. However this year it seems to have started early. 2015 is the first […]

Hidden Health Costs

It seems hidden health costs are back on the political agenda in Australia. Last year you probably heard about the unsuccessful $7 GP co-payment, helmed by the Abbott government. However, in late 2014 former Health Minister Peter Dutton made changes to the scheme which could once again leave Australian families out of pocket. Proposed changes […]

Bikes and Roads

A week before Christmas Emily Greenwood was crossing the road legally at the green light when she was knocked unconscious, waking up in hospital with a $15,000 medical bill. Ms Greenwood had to get stitches in her lip, extensive dental work done, as well as suffering swelling all over her body. But what knocked her […]

Dangerous Ideas

A Sydney venue has cancelled a seminar held by an American campaigner. So why is this making national headlines? Sherri Tennypenny, is an osteopath who believes vaccines cause autism, asthma, ADHD and auto-immune disorders in children. She is hosting several lectures in Australian capital cities in March aimed at mother of babies. Her work has […]


2015 has finally come and it seems that it has brought about some crazy weather to batter Australia and New Zealand. If you live in South Australia, Victoria, or Western Australia we’re sure you’re feeling the full force of summer right now. In the past few days bushfires have sprung up in all three states, with […]


Having trouble buying for those difficult “oh I don’t need anything!” friends and family this Christmas? Or just looking to get your Dad something other than socks? LiveTribe has done all the hard work for you and we’ve found all of the hottest gifts these Christmas! All the gifts below are priced between $20 – […]


With Christmas coming in just over two weeks there’s probably a lot on your to-do list. And if you’ve (undoubtedly) spent any time shopping recently you’ve probably noticed your friendly neighbourhood Santa, ready to deal with impatient parents and often cranky children. Pictures with Santa have often been an essential part of the lead up to Christmas. […]

Cricket Tradgey

Two day ago, cricketer Phillip Hughes was batting in the SA v NSW Sheffield Shield match at the SCG. It only took one ball going at 140km/hour and a slight turn of his neck for the ball to sail past his helmet and strike him instead. He went down instantly. Details have since emerged of […]

In 1984, musician and political activist Bob Geldof created Band Aid, a collection of mainly British and Irish musicians who collaborated to raise funds for the famine in Ethiopia. The result was the single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas Time At All?’ It reached number 1 in the UK and stayed there for five weeks, […]

Can Barbie be a Computer Engineer-

Mattel’s infamous Barbie has always been a controversial toy for girls, with many believing that they limit a young girl’s imagining of her career choices, amongst other things. Recently, the company has come under fire for a book published in 2010 called “Barbie: I can be a Computer Engineer”. In the book, Barbie, who claims […]

tv streaming

How do you watch television? Once upon a time this was a question that had one simple answer – on a TV of course. However, in the past few years the way we consume media has changed drastically, and it looks like next year will be no exception. It has been announced this morning that […]


If you’re a fan of Channel 9’s the Today show, or a follower of any news websites you’ve probably heard that presenter Karl Stefanovic has been gaining a lot of international attention recently. In a year-long experiment, Stevanovic wore the same blue suit every day to make a point about sexism. He explained that fellow […]

Crazy Concert Prices

With 18 number one US hit singles and the voice behind arguably everyone’s favourite Christmas album, one would expect Mariah Carey to be a sell-out act in her first tour to Australia since 1998. However, in the past two weeks we have seen quite the opposite be true. The “Elusive Chanteuse” tour saw venues such […]

Wouldn't it be nice to win the Lotto-

Two Saturdays ago, on November 1st, 14 lucky people around Australia had their lives changed forever. These punters split $21 million dollars between them thanks to Oz Lotto’s Saturday Superdraw. One winner was a “broke” Melbourne single dad, who claimed he had only “eight cents in the bank” before the win. His plan is to […]


Food has always been a central part of a healthy lifestyle, and a key competent of any weight loss regime. Recently elimination diets which require participants to cut out a specific food group or groups, have been growing in popularity. These include the “I Quit Sugar” movement headed by Sarah Wilson, and the Paleo Diet […]

The race that stops a nation (1)

The festivities of the Melbourne Cup were in full swing across the country yesterday, however the post-race celebrations were quickly overshadowed by the news that two of the horses passed away mere hours after the race. Bookie favourite who ended up finishing last, Admire Ratki, died of a heart attack upon returning to the stalls, […]


Spring is most definitely here now it is November, and with the warmer weather comes a very special date in the Australian calendar… the Melbourne Cup. Tomorrow around 3PM approximately 700 million people in 120 countries will watch or listen to the ‘race that stops a nation’. These four minutes of horse racing see Australians […]

Recently a letter addressed to Jetstar from a disgruntled passenger has become viral. Flying from Perth to Sydney, the passenger had booked an emergency row seat, and was looking forward to the extra space for the 4 hour flight. However, upon boarding the plane he found out that he was seated next to a larger […]


Here down under, in Australia and New Zealand Halloween has always been a distant holiday, often enjoyed in American television shows and movies as opposed to daily life. To us, October’s backdrop is not falling leaves and pumpkins. It’s the signs that summer is well and truly on the way with many of us wearing […]


After being the topic of news and gossip headlines for much of 2014, we finally learnt this week that Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was handed a sentence of five years for the culpable homicide of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The sentence was handed down despite Pistorius’ defence team suggesting that three years community service would be […]


By now, you have probably heard about the passing of former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, at age 98. During his comparatively short term as Australia’s leader (1972 to 1975), Whitlam made bold moves such as being the first Western leader to visit China (beating United States President Nixon by a few weeks), and establishing […]


Living in the digital age has its advantages. We can connect with people overseas at the touch of a button, and we can buy almost anything without leaving our home. But do we sometimes take our technological advancements too far? Last week the Barrier Daily Truth published a story about six-year old kindergarten student Mahli […]

In the past few days Tony Abbott has been facing heat over comments that he would “shirtfront” Russian President, Vladimir Putin. But what’s your opinion?


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